Matcha Tea Mask

Yes, I know I kind of look like a scary, green alien. My mother wanted me to try this facial mask recipe she found on an Asian beauty blog.

It’s made of:

  • whole milk
  • aloe vera
  • matcha tea


It helps if you have your own aloe vera plant to cut a leaf from (you’ll just need the pulpy inside to give the mask the right consistency), but if not I’m sure there are alternatives you can try. You don’t need a lot of matcha tea, just enough to make it the light green color you see above (you can drink the rest :D). Make as much as you want, but it’s easier to put the mask into small condiment-sized containers for single use portions. Apply a layer to your face with a make-up brush, wait for it to dry, apply another layer, and repeat as necessary. When you’re done wait 15 minute and wash off the mask. It removes redness and reduces dark circles under the eyes. Happy Friday, remember to treat yourself once in a while 🙂

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