Perler Animals

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For little sister’s last day of second grade we decided to make presents for her classmates. I had just introduced my sister to perler beads, one of my favorite crafts when I was a kid in the 90’s. Of course, back then I needed my mom’s help to iron my creations so adult guidance is suggested.

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To make these you’ll need:

Arrange the beads however you’d like onto the pre-made pegboards, when you are done place the fusion paper on top, iron on high for about 30 seconds to a minute, flip over the design which should be attached at this point and remove the pegboard, place fusion paper on and iron this side, and you’re done.

We worked hard and diligently to get them done the night before my sister’s last day. She designed a variety of octopi, dolphins, fish, and pets with colors and styles according to what she thought her classmates would like and I helped her iron them. We also wrote names on  foam stars with twist ties so we could put the perler creations into personalized bags for each of my sister’s classmates. They were a hit with her friends.

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