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It’s currently snowing outside of my dorm. Last year in the beginning of Spring semester, there was also another snow day so I decided to decorate my room with a heart made of photos I had taken in Australia.

You’ll need about 40 images printed out (I used 3×2 dimentions) and preferably painter’s tape.

the break down of the heart is as follows (from the top down):

  1. 2 rows of 2 photos
  2. 2 rows of 3 photos
  3. 1 row  of 7 photos
  4. 1 row  of 7 photos
  5. 1 row of 6 photos
  6. 1 row of 4 photos
  7. 1 row of 3 photos
  8. 1 row of 2 photos
  9. 1 row of 1 photo

Put rolled up tape behind each photo to attach it to the wall you want to put the heart on.

2015-05-12 01.27.55

As a tip, I would start with the two rows of 7 photos in the 3rd and 4th row of the heart first and then arrange the top and bottom of the heart after.

Also, try to experiment with the variety of photos and colors you use.

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