Red Cross Blood Donation


This morning I donated blood for the first time. I had always wanted to do it since high school, but there are specific restrictions and back in high school I wasn’t old enough, tall enough, or heavy enough.


I set my appointment for 10:30 A.M. and filled out a form with all my information then I had to take a basic physical test. They gave me a green sticker to wear which meant I was a first-timer. The person conducting the physical told me I had a faint pulse and he couldn’t hear it well enough to take my blood pressure. Someone else eventually helped him out and then they pricked my finger to see if my iron levels were good (they said mine was great; it was a 14.8, but I have no idea what that number means in context). I went through an online evaluation to see if I qualified to give blood and I did.

I sat at the table and the Red Cross volunteers told me that since it was my first time donating blood I would have to stay a few extra minutes after it was drawn to make sure I was okay. The Red Cross volunteer sterilized my arm and inserted the needle, but she missed the vein and had to adjust it. Within about 8 minutes the bag was full and now hopefully it is being tested for later distribution to potentially save up to three lives.

I set another appointment for March. As a bonus, we also got a free shirt and $5 gift card. I enjoyed giving blood because I support the cause and definitely am doing it again.


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