Alpha Phi Omega Anchor Painting

2015-11-12 18.44.332015-11-12 18.44.522015-11-12 18.44.54

Near the end of our pledging process for the national service fraternity, the other pledges and I got the chance to spray paint the anchor on campus. At my university, clubs or societies can get permission paint the anchor and the different groups get to take turns doing it.

For Alpha Phi Omega, we used gold and blue spray paint (the national colors) and we were able to decorate the anchor with our initials and the organization’s letters. I even got the chance to stand on top of  it to try to spray paint the top part. It was drizzling a bit, but the paint stayed and we had a blast!

2015-11-11 22.19.372015-11-11 22.21.23

We took a photo of our pledge class and a large group photo of all of the brothers in attendance. We were done in no time and it was really a fun team-building activity. Rush week starts tomorrow 🙂

2015-11-12 18.43.41

2015-11-12 18.43.54

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