Hawks Helping Hartford: Foodshare

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My friend and I signed up for Hawks Helping Hartford last year in April. It is a program where students can choose from a variety of community service options around the community and the university provides us with transportation. They also gave us these tye-dye shirts which, in hindsight, look very busy with the pants I was wearing, but we were there to do work, not make fashion statements :).

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Foodshare takes unsold groceries from supermarkets and they sort and send the food to various food shelters. We spent the afternoon preparing  boxes with labels and sorting meat into various categories: pork, beef, poultry, other. There are restrictions though, all unlabeled or opened food had to be thrown away.

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We managed to pack and sort over 1000 pounds of meat as a team to be sent those in need. A fact I had almost forgotten until a volunteer from that day ran into me and asked, “Remember me? We packed 1000 pounds of meat together.” Needless to say, that is up there on the list of strangest things I’ve ever been asked at a party. I plan on doing the program again this semester.

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