Happy Lunar New Year

2016-02-08 18.25.21

Happy Lunar New Year or as the Vietnamese say, “Chuc Mung Nam Moi!” It’s 2016, the year of the monkey. After the Super Bowl last night, my parents went to a Budhist temple at midnight to celebrate the New Year and to pray for good fortune for our family. My parents aren’t always particularly superstitious, but they say that on New Years it is bad luck if anyone else is the first one to enter your house (they steal your luck) so my parents made it a point to be the first to enter our house in the new year. They also gave my siblings and I ‘Li Xi’ or lucky red envelopes filled with money (usually reserved for the unmarried and children) to bring us luck in the upcoming year. I hope everyone who celebrates the Lunar New Year had a great time with their families and that your year is filled with love, luck, and joy 🙂

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