Daffodil Festival 2018🌼~ Daffodils are the Trumpets of Spring 🎺 ☀️🌱✨

Hubbard Park Daffodil Festival- Meriden, CT

There’s nothing like a walk in the park on a fresh spring day. Hubbard Park hosted it’s annual Daffodil Festival (April 28-29th)  which included a craft fair, amusement park rides, fair food tents, and pathways adorned by beautiful, bright bunches of daffodils. You can look at the pretty flowers, but the park discourages visitors from picking any blooms by implementing a $98 fine per flower (that’s an expensive bouquet!).

My boyfriend and I had a mini photoshoot with the daffodils, he got me sea glass earrings, we got candied nuts and toffees, and we got some really cool dictionary prints from Fresh Prints of CT. Looking forward to the warmer weather and more discoveries and adventures to come.



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