Something Old, Something New

My boyfriend accidentally agreed for us to attend two events happening at the same time on the same day. Our options were to either celebrate an old marriage (50th anniversary) or a new marriage (Jack and Jill). We were the only couple brave enough to offend both parties and make an appearance at both (leaving a party early/showing up late at another). It all worked out though.

The first event was the Jack & Jill and my boyfriend joked about how he had literally changed the diapers of the groom-to-be and how he was getting old. They gave away sugar eggs as party favors, held raffles with tons of cool prizes, and had a 50/50.

The anniversary party was held at a house instead of a restaurant and they had old wedding photos hanging from balloons, they recreated their wedding party photos, and there were plenty of refreshments (bar, cupcakes, chocolate fountain, candy, etc…). Both events were beautiful and it is great to see how love can be celebrated with friends and family, old or new.


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