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My personalized wine matches and my notes:

2017 The Bluffer Valdiguié from Paso Robles, California🍒🍉🍓

This fruity red wine smells just like a watermelon squeeze-pop. It tastes like it was steel-aged, not oaky. There were also subtle hints of courant as well as a burst of berries (cherry, blackberry, strawberry). It pairs well with red meat.

2017 Summer Water Rosé from Central Coast, California🍑🍓🌸

Best served chilled, this rosé was light, sweet, citrusy, floral and refreshing. It tastes like white peach, grapefruit, and a hint of strawberry. This smooth, tart, and woodsy rosé pairs well with poultry

2017 Porter & Plot Rosé from North Coast, California🌸🍉🍓

This wine was like a combination of the previous two. The rosé smells like twisted southern sweet tea. It drinks like a dessert wine; sweet and light yet strong and fruity. There’s a bit of a spicy finish. Served best with fresh fruits or a veggie platter.

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