How ILoveKickboxing Has Changed My Life for the Better!

November 1, 2018
There are so many ways ILKB has changed my life here are a few:
Weight loss
After I started counting calories combined with exercise I have lost almost 16 pounds since August! I weighed 106 pounds in freshman year of college then after I graduated my metabolism stopped, I was drinking too much, and without proper diet and exercise I weighed over 160 pounds! In August I limited my calorie intake to about 1,360 a day and I set a goal for myself to go to kickboxing at least four days a week. I’ve been steadily losing 1 – 1.5 pounds a week the healthy way (even though I may splurge here and there on my calories at parties and special events, I’m only human) I’m not depriving my body of nutrients and I make sure I always feel satisfied after a meal! My realistic goal weight is 120 pounds and at this rate I’ll be there at the latest in May of next year!
I sometimes do double classes back to back (after my first class ever I was so sore that I could barely go up the stairs) and I was able to complete my first full Tough Mudder (~10 miles, 20+ obstacles) which is something I never even thought I would ever be able to do in my life. Yes, it took me over four hours but I’m so happy that I finished strong.
Healthier heart
After getting the heart-rate monitor I realized that my resting heart-rate was a little bit high (over 120 bpm) but after getting into better shape it has lowered significantly. One lady who checks my heartrate when I donate platelets even said to me, “be a little more excited, why don’t you”. Mindfulness and being more aware definitely helps and I definitely work harder with the monitor on because I’m constantly trying to burn more calories than before. It’s very convenient to get the e-mails after every class that give you full workout summary. I’m in constant competition with the person I was the day before.
*Disclaimer this is a screenshot of my highest number of calories burned. I don’t burn this many calories everyday I usually burn around 600-700 on average*
Improved mood
It’s basically impossible to leave after class and feel negatively or to be in a bad mood. I feel so awesome and accomplished after each class because I’m getting closer and closer to my fitness goals! There is such a supportive group of kickboxing instructors and peers at my studio at different fitness levels and with different lifestyles, but we all have a common goal: To be fitter, stronger, happier versions of ourselves!
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20 thoughts on “How ILoveKickboxing Has Changed My Life for the Better!

  1. I use to do kick boxing when I was in high school and I loved it! You are doing great, your results are amazing!

  2. I wish I could find something to do around here to help me lose some weight. I live in a rinky-dink town and there are no activities. You look great and I love that kickboxing has changed your life for the better.

  3. Wow! What a accomplishment! I haven’t heard of ILoveKickboxing but I’m thinking about Tough Mudder maybe next year. I agree with you how can you not improve your mood after workout and losing weight.

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