3rd Anniversary


June 4th was our 3rd Anniversary! Ryan and I have been together three years and have had a lifetime of adventures with plenty more to come! Here’s to our future plans like the Rosé Day this weekend, seeing the Dave Matthews Band, Myrtle Beach with my family, and much more  

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

Last year in season 3 of the Thuy and Ryan show we:

Went to Mountain Jam

I won a pair of free three day passes to Mountain Jam from doing a promotional post on Instagram. It was just in time to celebrate festival season and my two year anniversary with Ryan. It was the best indie music festival ever! Riverside camping, indie music, and new festie besties! (what else could I ask for?)

Ferried to Martha’s Vineyard for Ryan to win a race 

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore… and then you end up at Martha’s Vineyard and have a SHELL of a good time with your dreamBOAT We have a great time MOOR often than KNOT! 

Ran through a sunflower maze race that Ryan won then ran back for me in

First place finisher Ryan O’Connor crosses the finish line with a time of 21:33 in the Griswold Sunflower 6k at Buttonwood Farm in Griswold on Sunday, August 5, 2018.

Hartford Courant: More Than 800 Compete In Second Annual Sunflower 6K

Ryan was the Wall-E to my Eve for Disney Karaoke

We went to our first renaissance fair

I did my first Tough Mudder which Ryan won the day before (sensing a trend here lol)

Ryan won 1st place again that’s 3 wins out of 4 Tough Mudder’s he’s done and a 100% success rate for his 2018 season. 

We attended the Forever in my Heart Charity Gala for the second time

Throwback to the 2nd Annual Forever In My Heart Foundation Charity Gala. They raised money to save and train homeless dogs to become service dogs to serve disabled veterans. Ryan and I have been to both galas and this year we contributed $700 to this charitable cause (we even won a photo shoot valued at $5,000 as a gift for our friends!) Awesome evening, for an amazing cause! 

I was the parrot to your pirate for Halloween

Shiver me timbers! Why is the rum always gone? Had a blast at the Museum After Dark Party with our friends!

We went to an ugly sweater party  as a Christmas tree and Santa at

We have such great chemisTREE! I keep him on his mistleTOES! These puns SLEIGH me! Don’t like my Christmas puns? That’s RUDE-dolph

I learned how to ski while you snowboarded

We managed our mischief at Harry Potter day at the science center

You celebrated Vietnamese New Year with me in Boston

We took a fancy portrait together

We moved in together

I’m excited for our future together and I’m happy to have my adventure partner by my side Happy 3rd Anniversary, love you Ryan O’Connor

Happy 3rd anniversary, and here’s to many more!

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