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Hello, I’m Thuy the Admin / Personal Blogger at HONEYBUNNYTWEE.COM » 💖🍯🐰

I started officially in November 2018 and my blog is about the ABC’s (ADVENTURE BEAUTY CREATIVITY) of my twee, honey bunny life and how to have a FIT, FAB, and FUN lifestyle»

I’m 24 years-old » I’m from Southington, CT » I’m Vietnamese American » I graduated from the University of Hartford in 2016 and I studied Marketing / Psychology» I’m a KICKBOXER at ILOVEKICKBOXING🥊😍» I’m TAKEN by marathon runner / 3x Tougher Mudder champion, Ryan @ry_bread81 ❤️🔐UNICORNS are my spirit animal🦄» I love all things sparkly / glittery / iridescent » I want to run my own business one day so I’m working hard on building my own unique brand!

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Snapchat: honeybunny26

If you like my content and support what I do please make whatever donation you feel in your heart is right (https://www.patreon.com/honeybunnytwee)! Thank you so much and I look forward to blogging and interacting with other fellow fans/brands/creatives!


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