ISA Study Abroad Contest


I won this swag pack from International Studies Abroad (ISA) for answering their trivia questions correctly, telling them a brief story from my time abroad, and telling them a fact about where I stayed. First, ISA was Globallinks, my study abroad agency.

The trivia questions were:

  1. Who designed the Sydney Opera House?
  2. Which ISA city has 42 beaches and is a center of surfing activity (hint: it’s in South America)?
  3. Name 2 of the 3 languages that are spoken in Morocco.
  4. Which ISA country has the highest density of robots in the world?


  1. Jorn Utzon
  2. Florianopolis, Brazil
  3. Modern Standard Arabic and Berber
  4. Japan

My story was:

Last year, when I went to a friend’s house in Australia and I heard the sounds of rustling and scratching coming from the boarded up fireplace. We removed the board to reveal that a possum had scurried down the chimney with its baby on its back. My Australian friend said, “Well, if that isn’t the most Australian thing to happen… Looks like it’s time for me to move far far away. My landlord will not like this one bit”.

Fact: I learned that in the city of Newcastle, where I stayed, their biggest export was coal.

My prizes were an Australia button, ISA passport holder, luggage lock, and tags. In other words, the perfect gear for the next adventure. Overall, I enjoyed the contest and love how they are encouraging people to share thier travel stories.

Additionally, see what I’m up to and tell me where I should go and what I should do next. Also, I’m very open-minded and open to new adventure / events suggestions. Email me at

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