6 Environmentally-Friendly Tips and Products To Be More Green: Earth Day 2019

clothes bottle tote straws beauty makeup reusable

Happy Earth Day 2019! Who says saving the planet can’t be stylish?Here are a few environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and tips I actually use! Continue reading


Desk Accessories for Boss Babes

Are you a boss babe blogger, work-at-home mom, passionista, or entrepreneur? If so, these are the stylish, fierce, and fun desk accessories for you! Continue reading

Perler Animals

For little sister’s last day of second grade we decided to make presents for her classmates: Perler animals. I had just introduced my sister to perler beads, one of my favorite crafts when I was a kid. Continue reading

Narwhal Cake Pops

narwhal cake pops decorated

My little sister and I made some narwhal cake pops. My little sister watched iHasCupquake’s YouTube video and was really inspired to make the adorable treat. Continue reading