Fall To-Do List

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Fall To-Do List

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to get this party started! Here is a fall to-do list of activities for you to try. Let’s see if you can do them all!

___ Apple picking 🍎

___ Drink apple cider

___ Go through a corn maze/haunted house/hayride 🌽👻🌾

___ Jump in a pile of leaves 🍁🍂

___ Eat a caramel apple

___ Eat candy 🍭

___ Watch Halloween movies 🎥

___ Carve a pumpkin 🎃

___ Make fall recipes

___ Go to a winery 🍷

___ Go to a fair

___ Have an apple cider donut 🍩

Yum! As a New Englander, this makes my heart happy.

___ Have a cup of hot chocolate 🍫

___ Have a PSL

___ Fall themed arrangement

___ Go for a run🏃🏻‍♀️

___ Dress up for Halloween

___ Go pumpkin picking

___ Bake cookies 🍪

___ Fall themed craft project

___ Check out a new coffee shop ☕️

___ Paint a pumpkin 🎨

What are your Favorite Fall Activities? Help me add to my list!

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Treats I had in Australia

These are a few treats I ate while studying abroad in Australia. It’s great to sample and try new things in a different country.


I had strawberry macarons. It used to be a pet-peeve of mine when people confused macaroons and macarons, but now I don’t mind. I had some chocolate cake with a strawberry on top. My friends and I made crepes and fruit salad. My university held a fair where we tried tiny vegan cupcakes. they were surprisingly really tasty.

2014-09-09 03.19.29

Starting from the top left corner and going clock-wise are strawberry macarons, chocolate cake, crepes and fruit salad, and tiny vegan cupcakes.

Crocodile Burger

crocodile treats

I tried a crocodile burger for the first time at the Blackbird Cafe in Sydney. Oddly enough it tasted like chicken and had the consistency of tuna.

Local Coffee

2014-10-17 13.23.48

Lattes from local cafes in Australia taste really fresh and really kick-started my coffee addiction. Wish I could have finished this one, but I knocked it over while talking with my hands.

Gloria Jean’s

cofffee shop treats

“Gloria Jean’s” is similar to Starbuck’s and I tried a marshmallow cone from there. It is filled with mini-marshmallows and topped with frosting, chocolate, and sprinkles.  I plan to make some with my little sister eventually. It is a mess/melt-free version of a summertime classic.


Lastly, I made homemade guacamole  and ‘American lemonade’ with a housemate and it was super tasty. In Australia lemonade is just ‘Sprite’ or carbonated lemon-flavored soda. The ingredients were fresh and considerably cheaper than in America. However, lemons are super expensive there. I miss getting tropical fruits cheaper when I was abroad.

treats desserts

What are your Favorite Treats you’ve tried abroad?

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