Wellness Wednesday: Terrible Reasons You Don’t Practice Yoga Yet! by Niomi Lindfors

What is Yoga?

Yoga means union and I interpret this as a union of my mind, body and soul. I feel connected to my heart and my desires and as a result, I feel connected to everyone else. I feel at peace.

Yoga is just stretching or another form of exercise to many, and a trendy hobby to others.

For me, yoga is a way of life on and off the mat. Through a regular yoga practice I can bring that self awareness to  my life at any point, my turning towards my breath and getting in tune with my energetic body.

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Wellness Wednesday: The Beginners Guide To Meal Prepping by Carolina Edson

Meal Prepping can be the easiest thing you do…. or the most difficult. It really all depends on how you approach it. I enjoy meal prepping because it saves me time during the week, not to mention the savings in money and unnecessary calories. But – I will admit it was definitely intimidating at first. I was trying to follow what an already-fit person was doing, who’s life revolved around meal prepping and working out.

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

I’d love for that to be my reality but it’s not. I work a 9-5 job that I come home exhausted from. My puppies keep me busy, not to mention I’m a soon-to-be mom. But those are the qualities that make meal prepping also a necessity. One time block a week of prep work, and then I can have my food ready for me to heat up and enjoy Parks and Rec for the 20th time!

What is Meal Prepping?

Meal prepping is the idea of having meals cooked and ready to go! Think of it like take-out….but probably fresher and healthier. You can really approach it however you want. You can cook for an entire week, 3 days, breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. It’s all about what’s easiest and realistic for you and your goals (be they health or budget related- or both).

How to get started with Meal Prepping

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Start small. Really take the time to think about what you will realistically eat for the week. Chicken and broccoli everyday can work for some, but us average-Joe’s also aren’t competing to be in the Olympics. We can enjoy the foods we love and still reach our goals. We just have to plan for it.

A few things that helps me get organized and makes everything easier:

A few items that will help making cooking easier:

  • A crockpot: is a HUGE time saver
  • An Air fryer: is also a time saver, and a calorie saver
  • Baking sheets : make it easy to bake multiple items at once, not to mention the reduced clean-up needs

Tips for Success in Meal Prepping

Pick 1-2 daily meals to cook on a Sunday afternoon (or whatever day of the week your “Sunday” may be) that you know you’ll enjoy for the upcoming week. This works best if you’re a creature of habit like me, and can happily have the same breakfast and lunch everyday. You decide the meals for that week, get to cooking, and then prepare portioned out and microwave-ready meals at grab-and-go convenience.

Or you can batch prep- where you cook a ton of protein, bake a bunch of veggies, and prep alllllll the carbs. It’s like putting together your own buffet for the week, and you pick and choose from what you’ve cooked based on what you’re feeling each day. Just don’t forget to use the food scale each day to ensure you’re using the right portions!

Common Questions

meal prepping
Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

What Food is Good for Meal prepping?

I like sticking to the basics. Chicken, rice, potatoes, ground turkey, beef, broccoli, fajitas are just to name a few. Stay away from vegetables that hold a lot of water. They stay okay in the fridge for a day or two,  but I wouldn’t cook a week’s worth.

Is Meal Prepping Good for weightloss?

Yes! Any way you decide to apply consciousness to how you consume your food can be good for weight loss. Just knowing that you have food waiting for you at home that you know you’ll enjoy will help keep you from eating-out and/or snacking as often.

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How to keep my meal prep food fresh?

A good rule of thumb is to prepare 3-5 days worth of food. If you are going to meal prep seafood, however,  I wouldn’t cook more than 2-3 days max. For veggies I cook some up Sunday and then again on Wednesday, just to ensure the freshness and quality. And always make sure the food cools down properly before storing it in the fridge.

How to not get tired of my prepped meals?

Cook exactly what you know you’ll eat and enjoy! There is nothing worse than shopping based on someone else’s version of healthy and then not eating an of it because it wasn’t exciting to you! Make it fun for yourself! Meal prepping doesn’t have to mean the same meal everyday.

meal prepping
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Meal Prepping!

Take it one week one meal at a time! Don’t stress and more importantly,  don’t overbuy and end up with wasted food. Evaluate where you need improvement; Maybe you are always buying snacks at work because your lunches aren’t filling enough, or find yourself stopping for drive-thru dinners on your way home because you’re not interested in what you prepped. Take note of those sorts of trends to change your plan to be fully successful with time.

For what my two-cents is worth, I hope this beginners guide to meal prepping was helpful! I’d love to hear from you if you have any tips too!

Carolina Edson

About the Author:

Carolina is a lifestyle blogger from Southern California who loves coffee and all things Pink. She shares her journey of balancing her healthy living interests with the real world of being a foster-mom-to-be, a dog mom, a Disney fanatic, and LGBTQ community member.

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Wellness Wednesday: 6 Tips for Managing Busy Mom Life by Mallory Richardson

Being a mom means being busy. As if moms aren’t busy enough, we also have other roles we play such as, wife, employee, student, etc. Some days the many responsibilities can become overwhelming, adding stress and anxiety to the mixture of busyness. Managing these responsibilities can be just as stressful as the number of responsibilities themselves.

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Wellness Wednesday: Damn, Allergies by Alexandra Palacios

As someone whose lived in Florida their whole lives, if there’s one thing I can’t stand more than slow drivers and people who chomp straight into ice creams like some barbarian, it’s allergies. And if you’ve been here even a couple weeks or months, then you’ve had to face the bipolar weather, the extreme shifts in temperature and all the “fun” that comes along with it. 

 I can’t tell you how many patients come in everyday suffering from allergies, mistaking it for a cold many times or even the flu and usually in most cases, spending their entire mornings –if they’re lucky; to over pay for some antibiotics that probably won’t help you and come to find out that most of your prescriptions are over the counter. And yes, that means 99% of the time, unless you have a Medicaid plan, they don’t cover it. So before you go and spend all that time, effort, and tears, let’s go over a few things.

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Wellness Wednesday: What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day by Cendu Param

What Mother’s Really Want For Mother’s Day?

It’s almost that time again. Yes, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and you might be wondering what the perfect way to celebrate the woman in your life would be. We should be appreciating our moms every day of the year but we just get used to everything our moms do for us that we forget to appreciate and thank them for all their efforts day in and day out. That’s why it’s nice that there’s a day dedicated to our super women.

You might be thinking about splurging on all kinds of awesome stuff (and go ahead and do that too because why not) but I’m here to spill the tea. Here’s my confessions of life as a new mom and what I really want this Mother’s Day. I’m sure all or most over-worked and over-tired mums everywhere can relate.  Here’s my list of 10 things to make this Mother’s Day perfect.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing” by Wrae Sanders

Everyone needs “alone time”. This is time to recharge your batteries, appreciate the quiet and not have people in your face asking for things. I like this time. Honestly, I used to absolutely hate quiet time because I didn’t like to be alone with my thoughts. These days, I appreciate it a lot more. I can relax, color and read in peace, among other things.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday 10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress By Wasifa Ahmad Hasan / Rosemary Lombardy

It will be almost impossible to find someone without stress. It affects our everyday lives and creates a huge impact on our daily habits. It’s very common to develop negative habits as a way to cope with daily stress and disappointments. Some drown their sorrows in food or alcohol, others numb themselves in front of the television or complain endlessly to friends without making any effort to change their situation.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Five Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia” by Pamela Jessen

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday "Five Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia" by Pamela Jessen

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition that results in widespread muscular pain throughout the entire body. It can be felt in many ways, such as a deep ache, a numb and/or tingly sensation, or like your body is on fire. It affects women far more often than men and can be truly debilitating.

In addition to the physical symptoms a person experiences, there are a lot of emotions you may experience as well. Here is a list of the top five Emotions you may find yourself facing when you receive a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or if you have been living with Fibro for quite some time.

Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “10 Ways To Cope When A Loved One Commits Suicide” by Jasmine Wyrick

suicide sunlight coping

Today I want to get serious about a subject that is incredibly personal and has impacted and changed my life completely. I want to talk about suicide and how to cope after someone who you care for takes their life.

How do you navigate through that gut punch that leaves a hole in your core? How can you support yourself and also those around you? Suicide affects us all and doesn’t care about your skin color, how much money you have, or how good of a childhood that you had. It is unbiased about who it affects and does care about the unanswered questions that it leaves behind.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “My Seasonal Affective Disorder” by Sophia Garner

I’ve always dreaded the winter months, literally since I can remember. The thought of it getting colder, wetter and darker just makes me want to hibernate.

I first remember feeling the dread of winter back at high school, when you’d look outside the classroom window and it was already getting dark before the final bell. The thought of walking home in the dark would make me want to stay at school! Even worse than the dark evenings, was the terribly cold and miserable mornings. I would find it almost unbearable to drag myself out of bed, which I and other people around me usually put down to me just being lazy!

However, I barely slept under normal circumstances. So being able to sleep for hours and hours, especially during the day was a little unusual. I would tend to feel very down, grumpy and irritable throughout the colder months. I also started to notice I had very little to no energy, which again felt unusual as I was sleeping a lot more than I ever normally would.

It took a really difficult winter, during my first year of university, for me to think about seeing a doctor. In all honesty I thought they were going to send me away and say I was just being a moody teenager, who likes her sleep when it’s cold outside. However, how wrong I was, surprisingly! The doctor asked me a variety of questions, ranging from my general eating pattern, my exercise routine, to my feelings during seasonal shifts. In the end, I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, ironic huh!?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

When I told my friends and family, they all seemed to suspect something similar, little did I realise how much my behaviour and mood was apparent to those around me. I started to change my habits during winter. I would try and go to sleep at a reasonable time to make sure I knew I was getting a good amount of sleep. I’d also make sure to wake up at the same time each morning, trying to get myself into a pattern, which started to become a habit and helped my body get used to waking up at a certain time. My doctor told me how important it was to be outside during times when it was daylight. So during university I used to try and study or read outside when the weather permitted.

Another SAD treatment, which has been hugely important for me, was light therapy. I was given an amazing present, a Lumie Bodyclock Starter which helps wake you up with a natural, gradually brightening light. It also does this in reverse with a sunset option, when the light slowly dims from your chosen time.

It’s still not fully understood what causes SAD or why some people experience it and others don’t. Although, it has been suggested that certain people are more vulnerable to SAD than others, due to their genes, as it has appeared to run in families. Like any diagnoses it can be a little scary to think you’re labelled with a disorder. I was definitely taken aback when my doctor told me. However, I’ve learnt it’s all about knowledge and management.

#SAD #Winter #SeasonalDisorders #MentalHealth #Health #WinterBlues

The reassuring thing is that there has now been lots of research done into trying to find ways of helping. That’s why I cannot stress enough how important it is to go and speak to a doctor if you think this may be something that is affecting you. Without speaking about things, you may never know any different and could be missing out on being able to feel so much better than you do now.

I spent my Sunday evening dreading the week ahead and I woke up this morning dreading getting out of bed. However, I eased myself into the very dark morning with my Lumie light and made myself a comforting cuppa tea. I’ll be making sure to eat healthy today and do some exercise before getting an early night. It’s time to start learning what works for you, and doing it, to start to feel more like you!

If you’re concerned or even just curious to find out a little more about SAD, please take a look at the NHS website and Click Here.

This is part two of the #WellnessWednesday Blogger series. This week’s topic is Seasonal Affective Disorder from the perspective of Sophia Garner.

About the Author:

Cuppa tea with Soph is written by Sophia; a twenty-something, animal loving, pasta eating, ale drinking, petite Northern girl.

She is obsessed with animals; fluffy, prickly, scaley and anything in between. She’s determined to have a farm by the time she retires, whether the Hubby is in agreeance or not. She currently has two pooches: Vixie and Akira. Also, she has a guinea pig: Cashew, two twin kitty-kats: Nala and Simba, AND 10 fishies. (I won’t list all their names, don’t worry)!

She loves writing about:

  • Her many travel adventures.
  • Posting photos of her everyday life.
  • Creating positive content surrounding mental health.

Cuppa tea with Soph was born through her love of writing, her concern for mental health, her inability to put down a camera, and her constant urge to travel.

Check out her blog at https://www.cuppateawithsoph.com/ and
Instagram: @ohsoph_

If you have any #wellnesswednesday articles you’d like me to feature contact me at honeybunnytwee@gmail.com 

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