What Scent Is The Best For You?

The scent is an intimate and individual thing that shows a lot about your personality. Perfume and lotions can be highly scented and you will either love the smell or you won’t and this depends on your usage of them. Some people prefer different scents around their houses and the best way to do this is to choose scented hand wash, this leaves your guests thinking of you after they have gone. There is an art to choosing the right scents for your life and aesthetic, so by following these steps you will find what you are looking for. 

Person Holding Clear Glass Bottle What Scent Is The Best For You?

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1. Don’t Overwhelm Your Nose

People make the mistake of sniffing all the available scents without realising their nose is becoming desensitised to the smells. By using the rule of three, and only smelling three scents, you are making sure you understand the smell. 

2. Don’t Try Strong Scents First

Our smell can be seen as something of a painting. Using darker colours first makes it harder to add lighter ones, therefore treat your nose with the same principle. Trying lighter fragrances first allows your nose to appreciate the light notes within a scent. 

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3. Find What You Like

There is no harm in having a fragrance that you continue to return to. These types of fragrances will become your staple and will end up becoming your comfort item. Trying to change the fragrance too often may result in you losing what you are most keen to keep. 

4. What Do You Think Of

When smelling different scents thinking of what the scent reminds you of is a great way to choose the right one for you. If a scent reminds you of a poor period in time or takes you back to a certain memory, then it might be best to try something different. Scents are individual and need to be treated as such. Therefore, many scents can be triggering to others. 

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5. Understand The Smells In A Scent

The scent is one of the five senses which is why understanding the contents of a scent is essential for giving off the correct message. 

Musk – Is similar to clean laundry

Smoky – Like a campfire or match

Citrusy – Citrus fruits

Woody – Nutty to types and ages of wood. 

Floral – Any smells of flowers.

6. Buying The Fragrance

When investing in a fragrance you need to decide where you are buying the fragrance from. If you are buying your fragrance from a budget or bargain store, you will have metally undertones from the products used to make the scent. Whereas mid-range fragrances are usually similar to high-end fragrances. The ingredients of perfumes range with the price bracket and therefore ingredients. When you are finding the fragrance understanding how it feels on your skin is essential. Some fragrances naturally dry the skin and it is sometimes suggested to spray or use them on your clothes or hair instead of your skin to reduce the risk of drying your skin out. If you have sensitive skin then make sure your products are safe to use of your type of skin. 

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How to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One in the Military.

Loss is difficult under any circumstances. But military loss is a different kind of grief.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one in the military is a whole different process. There can be children involved who don’t understand and other relatives who can make things better or more difficult. 

Then there’s the added pressure of how to grieve. Everyone expects you to suffer in a certain way and tell you when you’re not grieving how they would like. 

They may say you are too upset or not upset enough. There is no right way to grieve. 

Grieving is a very personal process, and everyone does things differently. 

How to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One in the Military.  honeybunnytwee

Photo by D0N MIL04K from Pexels

Remember: Grief Looks Different to Everyone.  

Grief comes from personal experiences and feelings. Not only your own experiences with grieving but also your experience with the person you have lost. 

Someone who had a smooth relationship full of love and support will grieve differently from someone who had a strained and uncomfortable relationship with them. 

One person may disagree with the loved one’s military service, and another could be incredibly proud and patriotic. These people will go through their complicated feelings differently. 

The most important thing is to remember that and be supportive of one another. 

Find a Way to Commemorate Them. 

You can preserve the memory of a loved one in whatever way you choose. It can be a representation of who they were or who they were to you. 

There are plenty of options for people who died in the line of duty, such as flag cases, medal displays, and printed photos. 

Commemoration can get very creative and help you work through your grief. A photo display can help with the process as you go through pictures, share stories and work through all of your emotions. 

These photos can be put together in a scrapbook to tell the story of their lives through pictures. Write the memories behind these photos next to them so people will always know the stories of the loved ones they lost. 

A flag case or a medal display can help show pride in their service and prompt others to ask about them. 

Connect With Others. 

Military losses are widespread. While it’s not pleasant to think about, there is someone else out there who went through the same thing as you. 

There could be other grieving people for your loved one or people who lost loved ones around the same time or even the same way. 

Reach out to other people, so you don’t feel alone. Support groups for military losses are out there. Connect online and in real life. Swap contacts and stories and stand together in grief. It can become something beautiful through that. 

Three Ways to Cope With Loss in the Military. 

Please remember that you’re not alone during this time. Grief is something so personal yet so familiar at the same time. Reach out, work through and get better. 

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