5 Ways to Find Opportunity in the Midst of Life Transitions

If you’re going through a massive change in life, you might feel worried about what’s coming next. But sometimes, change is an invitation into something bigger and better. If you’re living through a transition period that is affecting your health, you may want to seek guidance from a doctor. In the meantime, these tips can help you identify promising opportunities in the middle of uncertain times.

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How Mental Health Care Can Unlock a New Career

How is your mental health today? If it’s a question you would rather ignore, you are probably one of the many U.S. adults who feel their mental health needs are not met by healthcare and social support. Indeed, Mental Health America is committed to the promotion of mental health as part of everyday wellness. The increase in depressive disorders since the pandemic has been alarming. 

But, thankfully, not everyone feels powerless. More and more Americans are considering unconventional approaches to support their mental health journey. Of course, medical follow-up is instrumental to your recovery or day-to-day management. However, healthy routines and habits can also help manage mood swings, negative thoughts, and increased stress levels. In other words, while mental health problems have increased during the pandemic, Americans have shown resilience and creativity in their responses. But have you ever considered that your mental health journey could also be beneficial to others? Here are some ideas to turn your mental health passion into a side hustle.

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4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Before it Happens

As a busy person, the chances are that you lean into procrastination more than anybody else. It’s a self destructive behavior, and you have to fight yourself more than you fight anything else. Instead of paying attention to all the hard work that you need to do, you’re paying attention to your social media, or anything else that requires you to work hard. It’s not because you are adverse to working hard, but because you know that relaxation and procrastination often feel better than actually working. It’s very easy to procrastinate and waste your own time – we’ve all been there.

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Building Your Own Health-Related Business: From Start to Finish 

Starting a health or wellness business is easier than you might think. You could do it in a handful of days. This includes everything from registration to setting up a brick-and-mortar presence, if applicable. You just need some initial funding, a vision, and some grit and determination. Here, HONEYBUNNYTWEE walks you through the process of starting a health-related business, covering the initial setup and finishing with tips on how to grow your business: 

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Take It Down a Gear: 4 Ways To Minimize Stressful Driving

If you are feeling the stress of the modern world, it’s safe to say you’re not alone! Everybody can feel a sense of anxiety based on certain situations. One of the best examples is when we’re behind the wheel. To be a successful driver, we’ve got to be completely focused and calm. It is essential that we control our emotions and reduce our stress levels on the road because if we are stressed out, we could cause an accident, or we could easily descend into road rage and aggression. So what does it really take to help us avoid stressful driving and anxiety when we’re behind the wheel? 

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