8 Tips to Cope with Divorce


Divorce hurts more than any breakup, regardless of the circumstances. You part ways with someone you once considered your soul mate and vowed to live the rest of your life with. It doesn’t matter who initiated the divorce or what events led to it, because the loss is undeniable. Filing for Divorce was probably the best course of action, yet it is natural to feel hollow inside. The good news is that whatever you feel right now is temporary. You will eventually move on and start a brand new chapter of your life. In the meantime, let the following tips help you cope with the divorce: 

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4 Reasons To Quit Drinking 


Drinking to excess is something that can ruin many lives, and not just the life of the person who is doing the drinking. Families can be destroyed and relationships can fall apart because of alcohol when it becomes a habit that can’t easily be quit. Other than making us act differently from normal and perhaps giving us a more argumentative or even violent personality, alcohol is bad for our physical and even mental health as well. Although a social drink is not a problem, when it becomes something that you can’t stop, it really can be damaging. Here are some reasons to quit drinking – your life could be so much better for it

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Why Leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle Shouldn’t  Mean Spending More Than You Have To


Leading a healthier lifestyle should be something that everyone should aspire to, not only for physical health reasons but for the sake of your mental health too. However, many people are hesitant to commit to a new way of living because they erroneously believe that living healthily is just too costly to maintain. Here’s why it doesn’t have to be. Visit the HoneyBunnyTwee website for more helpful lifestyle tips like these and more!

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Keep Going When You Think Your Life Sucks


Are you struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts? I understand what you are dealing with because I was there for five years after graduation and throughout the quarantine, and there are days that I’m thinking to myself that I will never get to my ‘dream life’ but then I have to remember who I am. 

And that is I am the creator of my reality; now I’m reminding you that you’re the creator of your reality. 

Your life does not suck.  You have a period of life-sucking and you got here through your thoughts thinking thoughts that produce sucking life.

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What Are The Best Uses For A Garage?


Your garage is probably the space in your home you have never thought to make much use of. The best use of your garage will depend on your needs, but it can be used for many different things. Depending on your hobbies or lifestyle, you might want to add electricity, heat, or soundproofing to accommodate some ideas. With some basic utilities, and some insulation, your garage could be more useful than you ever thought. 

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