Something Old, Something New

Something old, some thing new. My boyfriend accidentally agreed for us to attend two events happening at the same time on the same day. Our options were to either celebrate an old marriage (50th anniversary) or a new marriage (Jack and Jill). We were the only couple brave enough to offend both parties and make an appearance at both. In other words, leaving a party early/showing up late at another). It all worked out though.

The first event was the Jack & Jill. My boyfriend joked about how he literally changed the diapers of the groom-to-be and how he was getting old. They gave away sugar eggs as party favors, held raffles with tons of cool prizes, and had a 50/50.

The anniversary party was at the couple’s house instead of a restaurant. They had old wedding photos hanging from balloons, they recreated their wedding party photos, and there were plenty of refreshments. There was a bar, cupcakes, chocolate fountain, candy, etc… Both events were beautiful and it is great to see how love can be celebrated with friends and family, old or new.

When youā€™re accidentally double-booked for events do you celebrate a new marriage or an old one? Something old or something new?

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Lei Day/May Day

lei day

Aloha friends! Today (May 1, 2018) is the 91st annual Lei Day in Hawaii. I’d love to be celebrating somewhere tropical, but the weather is getting nicer here in New England. Hopefully, soon it’ll feel like being on a Hawaiian getaway too. Across all islands, schools celebrate Lei Day with songs, hula dancing and a procession of the Lei Day court. at least, it was first held in the courts and town halls but has since been moved to Kapi’olani park where it is still being held today.

The lei is the universally recognized symbol of Hawaii. Traditionally, fragrant and vivid blossoms are made into garlands. Although commonly and commercially made from flowers, lei are often crafted with leaves, nuts, shells, feathers or ribbon. They embrace their wearers and are warm, welcoming gifts that represent love, compassion, respect, and celebration.
Hopefully, you get Lei’ed today. šŸ˜œšŸŒŗ Hawaii is on my travel bucket list and I would love to visit the beautiful islands one day.

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Welsh Love Spoons

welsh love spoons

The Welsh celebrate ā€˜St. Dwynwenā€™s Dayā€™ (the patron saint of lovers) on January 25th. We made Welsh love spoons to celebrate.


Dwynwen, daughter of King Brychan Brycheinog, fell in love with a young man named Maelon, but the two were unable to be together.

She was distraught and fled into the woods. Then she encountered an angel who gave her a potion to cool her love for Maelon.

However, Maelon was turned into a solid block of ice.

She prayed and was granted three wishes:

  1. Maelonā€™s release from his icy tomb.
  2. For God to watch over all true lovers and help them realize their dreams and hopes or guide them through their sadness and love.
  3. Finally, she wished to remain unmarried. After her wishes she retreated to become a nun.

On this Welsh Valentineā€™s Day, it is customary to gift love-spoons. In other words, Welsh men carved intricately decorated wooden spoons and presented them to a lady they were interested in courting/marrying.

welsh love spoons

Symbolism of the designs on the Welsh Love Spoons:

  • Keys would signify a manā€™s heart.
  • Wheels his hard work.
  • Beads, his preferred number of offspring.

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koala love spoon

Valentine’s Day Presents From My Mini-Me

Valentine's Day Presents From My Mini-Me

Valentine’s Day Presents

Last Valentine’s Day,  my little sister made me a paper butterfly and went to the store with my mom to get me a stuffed fox that says ‘be mine’. She remembers that I’ve always wanted to have a pet fox as a little kid and knew it was the perfect gift for me. She spoiled me with Valentine’s Day presents!

As you can see, for the butterfly my little sister used paper wings, a clothing pin, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, and sparkly heart accents.

She also made a kissing fish out of paper hearts and a googly eye. She gets her craftiness from me.


And what Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate (mustaches)? The mustache made me do it! :3

Sometimes having a little sister is like having a tiny doll. In other words, I can put on her makeup so I gave us little heart shapes near our eyes to be festive. I love the fact that I have such a cute and considerate little sister. I’d do anything for my tiny Valentine.

Show us how your Valentineā€™s Day gifts you recieved! Check out my Pinterest for more Artsy Stuff!Ā If you have any more crafty ideas for me email me atĀ Maybe we can collaborate on a project together!