Wellness Wednesday: 6 Reasons To Work Out That Have Nothing To Do With Looks by Morgan Smith

6 Reasons To Work Out That Have Nothing To Do With Looks

Finding reasons to work out that have nothing to do with looks will ultimately lead to the change we are all seeking when we start exercising. I won’t pretend like how you look isn’t a motivator to work out, it definitely is. It’s usually the first motivator for women, but it’s just not enough. There, I said it. If it was, way more people would be pursuing fitness consistently.

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How to Look and Feel Great From Head to Toe

How to Look and Feel Great From Head to Toe

Every now and then most people go through a stage in their lives where everything feels a bit ‘meh.’ Sometimes life gets so busy that your focus is lost and you stop taking as much care of yourself. If you have stopped looking after your appearance, you may feel like you no longer recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. When life gets busy, or you have lots on your mind, it is so easy to get stuck in a rut both with your appearance and with life in general. 

If you are feeling stuck and no longer feeling good about your appearance, you may not have the motivation to do anything about it. Here are some of the ways you can break free from your style rut, feel positive about your appearance, and regain your focus.

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Thus far, this a complete list of Wellness Wednesday guest bloggers. Therefore, this post will be updated as necessary. I try to feature new subjects but, I will repeat topics with new or unique perspectives.

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If you have an article or post about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health email them to me. You’ll get a chance to be a Wellness Wednesday guest blogger if you’re a good fit!

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Belly Dancing Bliss

I attended a belly dancing workshop on February 28th in 2015 led by Kalia Kellogg of Kalia Belly Dance CT. Kalia shared her personal background and told the class about how she got into the art of belly dancing. First, she was a ballet dancer. However, she felt that the pressure to maintain a certain image and to behave a certain way was too overbearing. Kalia is very in-touch with her self-esteem, body, and spirituality. Belly dancing is a part of Kalia’s identity and personality and her passion for it is apparent. Anyone can tell she enjoys doing and teaching what she does.

Overall, I learned a lot from the lesson, like:

  • bend your knees slightly and align your feet with your nipples in the home-base position.
  • having open elbows are one of the sexiest parts of a dancer’s body language.
  • when you want to move faster you have to make your movements smaller.
  • meditation is a soothing and relaxing way to recover after dancing.

I wanted to express myself through movement and joined kickboxing to increase my core and arm strength. Overall, I’m glad I went to the class because it was a valuable learning experience. Kalia was very insightful and the class increased my confidence in my abilities.

2015-02-28 15.58.30

Belly Dancing and the Beauty Myth

The way that the belly dancing event relates to the beauty myth is by demonstrating body liberation. According to Wolf, the beauty myth is “… actually composed of emotional distance, politics, finance, and sexual repression” (Wolf, p. 13). Belly dancers are encouraged to explore their sexuality and sensuality through movement. However, belly dancing is not just about the sexualization; the dance can be an empowering form of sexual liberation.

Belly dancers tend to be strong, independent, and have a healthy mindset about their bodies. This is detrimental to the beauty myth because the system is dependent on women feeling like they are worth less than they actually are (Wolf, 1991, p. 18). Belly dancers are typically at peace with their bodies and see the dance as an extension of who they are.

Belly dancers aren’t confined to any one size or shape, as Kalia had mentioned, and in this way it challenges conventional beauty standards by showing that anyone can be a belly dancer and feel like they are beautiful/good enough. Kalia is not extremely thin, she is curvaceous and it is obvious that she is confident and appreciates her body and what it can do.

In conclusion, regarding the cult of beauty where a woman is typically considered beautiful if she is thin, undergoes pain, and potentially has surgeries to “fix” herself, Valenti suggests that women stop hating themselves despite impossible beauty standards (Valenti, 2007, p. 212). Kalia has probably taken this type of advice to heart, she doesn’t do yoga and belly dancing solely for the purpose of looking good; she feels good about herself because she is doing what she loves.

belly dancing class


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  • Wolf, N., (1991). The Beauty Myth How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women. New York, NY: William Morrow and Company, Inc.

Have you ever tried Belly Dancing?

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