One Billion Rising: Women For Change

one billion rising

Across the world, 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped during her life. That is equal to over one billion women and girls. Starting February 14thĀ through March 8th, theĀ One Billion Rising campaigns take place in hundreds of countries across the world and within local communities to raise awareness.

Women for Change will be “rising” to shed light on these issues in Commons and GSU starting on Thursday, February 11thĀ in GSU at 12:15 PM. As part of the campaign, we will be displaying a board with the One Billion Rising V-Day logo. We”ll have students help fill-in the logo with thumbprints to symbolize taking a stand against violence against women. The thumbprints represent the old “Rule of Thumb” tale. It was once lawful for a man to beat his wife as long as he used a stick no thicker than his thumb. We hope students passing my will leave their print and help to take a stand.

Other tabling days will be:

  • February 14th 4:30-5:30 pm
  • February 15th 12:00 pm Ā 
  • Lastly, February 16th 12:15 pmĀ 

During these times we will be doing clothing drives for SACS (Sexual Assault Crisis Services). You can drop off men and women’s sweatpants and other clothing items. Also, if you can donate packaged underwear that would be awesome!

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Valentine’s Day Box With My Little Sister

Valentine's Day Box kisses

I helped my little sister decorate a shoebox for Valentine’s Day. She and her classmates are making dropboxes so their other classmates can put their Valentines inside. We used foam stickers in pink, purple, red, and white. There were various shapes like cupcakes, hearts, stars, and lips. My little sister also cut felt hearts and ribbons for us to glue onto the shoebox. She also twisted a red and pink pipe cleaner into a heart and we pasted it on the top. As a final touch, we added a bow on top. Make your own Valentine’s Day box.

We used stuff we already had around the house. The ribbon we used was a candycane striped one from Christmas. You don’t have to break the bank to make one of these, but you can buy more Valentine’s Day decorations if you want.

Overall, this is a simple straight-forward craft for little ones. Most importantly, you get spend quality time together to make something beautiful. Also, it is a great way to reuse and repurpose an empty shoebox. After Valentine’s Day my sister showed me all the cards and treats she got fir her classmates.

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Valentine's Day Box shke box craft
Valentine's Day Box

Welsh Love Spoons

welsh love spoons

The Welsh celebrate ā€˜St. Dwynwenā€™s Dayā€™ (the patron saint of lovers) on January 25th. We made Welsh love spoons to celebrate.


Dwynwen, daughter of King Brychan Brycheinog, fell in love with a young man named Maelon, but the two were unable to be together.

She was distraught and fled into the woods. Then she encountered an angel who gave her a potion to cool her love for Maelon.

However, Maelon was turned into a solid block of ice.

She prayed and was granted three wishes:

  1. Maelonā€™s release from his icy tomb.
  2. For God to watch over all true lovers and help them realize their dreams and hopes or guide them through their sadness and love.
  3. Finally, she wished to remain unmarried. After her wishes she retreated to become a nun.

On this Welsh Valentineā€™s Day, it is customary to gift love-spoons. In other words, Welsh men carved intricately decorated wooden spoons and presented them to a lady they were interested in courting/marrying.

welsh love spoons

Symbolism of the designs on the Welsh Love Spoons:

  • Keys would signify a manā€™s heart.
  • Wheels his hard work.
  • Beads, his preferred number of offspring.

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koala love spoon

Travel Pick Up Lines

I’ve scoured the internet for the best travel pick up lines to use and these are my favorites:

  • Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.
  • Are you from Korea? Because youā€™re my Seoul-mate.
  • Are you from Jamaica? Because Jamaican me crazy.
  • Are you from Prague? Because Iā€™m Czech-ing you out.
  • Are you Vietnamese? Because Iā€™m falling pho you.
  • I Ecua-dor you!
  • Are you from Italy? Because I want to Rome the world with you.
  • Everything has been so wonderful since you Cayman to my life!
  • Are you from the U.K? Because I want to get to know U, K?
  • How can I Peruā€™v my love for you?
  • Are you a customs agent? Because I’d like to declare my love for you.
  • Irish you’d go on a date with me because you’re so pretty you’re Dublin my heart rate.
  • Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.
  • This may not be India, but since I saw you I’ve felt like I’m in Lucknow.
  • You must be from Quebec because the feelings I have for you are Mont-real.
  • Did you overstay your visa? Because you got ‘fine‘ written all over you.
  • You’ve Mozambiqued my interest.
  • We donā€™t have to play games, Yakutsk just ask me out. (Russia)
  • Are you from Stockholm? Cause you’re the Swedish girl I’ve ever seen.
  • Hi, ‘Hanoi‘ce to meet you. ‘Ha long‘ you been coming here? (Because I’m Vietnamese).

What are your favorite Travel Pick Up Lines?

What are your favorite Travel Pick Up Lines?

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Valentine’s Day Presents From My Mini-Me

Valentine's Day Presents From My Mini-Me

Valentine’s Day Presents

Last Valentine’s Day,  my little sister made me a paper butterfly and went to the store with my mom to get me a stuffed fox that says ‘be mine’. She remembers that I’ve always wanted to have a pet fox as a little kid and knew it was the perfect gift for me. She spoiled me with Valentine’s Day presents!

As you can see, for the butterfly my little sister used paper wings, a clothing pin, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, and sparkly heart accents.

She also made a kissing fish out of paper hearts and a googly eye. She gets her craftiness from me.


And what Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate (mustaches)? The mustache made me do it! :3

Sometimes having a little sister is like having a tiny doll. In other words, I can put on her makeup so I gave us little heart shapes near our eyes to be festive. I love the fact that I have such a cute and considerate little sister. I’d do anything for my tiny Valentine.

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