Wellness Wednesday: My Seasonal Affective Disorder by Sophia Garner

My Seasonal Affective Disorder by Sophia Garner

I’ve always dreaded the winter months, literally since I can remember. The thought of it getting colder, wetter and darker just makes me want to hibernate.

I first remember feeling the dread of winter back at high school, when you’d look outside the classroom window and it was already getting dark before the final bell. The thought of walking home in the dark would make me want to stay at school! Even worse than the dark evenings, was the terribly cold and miserable mornings. I would find it almost unbearable to drag myself out of bed, which I and other people around me usually put down to me just being lazy!

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Enders Falls: Snow Bunny Adventure

Today, some members of the ultimate frisbee team and I went to Enders Falls for a hike. I thought we actually had practice so I wore my cleats and brought a water bottle, which was a silly mistake. When the two captains arrived I saw them bring sleds out of the car. In my head I was like, “But… where are the frisbees?”

I was so underprepared. We sledded down som slopes on campus. After that we spontaneously decided to go hiking by some waterfalls. I ended up dragging my water bottle around in the snow. Thankfully, my cleats counteracted my clumsiness and I didn’t fall often. It was cold, but refreshing and we had a lot of fun! The views at Enders Falls were spectacular, one of the perks of living in New England.

Photos credit goes to our teammate Tiffany Young.

frisbee team enders Falls
The Biddies at Enders Falls
ender falls backs frisbee
Walking in a winter wonderland
sign enders falls
snowy hike nature
snowy hike waterfall
2016-02-06 15.44.43

The last photo was mine. However, it was one of my only pictures since my phone was so cold it started to power off on its own. Hiking is very stress-relieving anyways, who needs a phone when you’re in the great outdoors?

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