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In 2016, I performed at the The Vagina Monologues show at the University of Hartford on  February 19th and 20th. Admission was $3 for students, $5 for general public. All the money went to the V-Day foundation and Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services!

Why V-Day Started

Info from the official website:

V-Day’s mission is simple. It demands that violence against women and girls must end. To do this, once a year, in February, Eve allows groups around the world to produce a performance of the play, as well as other works created by V-Day, and use the proceeds for local individual projects and programs that work to end violence against women and girls, often shelters and rape crisis centers. What began as one event in New York City in 1998 today includes over 5,800 V-Day events annually.

In 1994, a play called The Vagina Monologues, written by playwright and activist Eve Ensler, broke ground, offering to the world a piece of art like nothing it had seen before. Based on dozens of interviews Ensler conducted with women, the play addressed women’s sexuality and the social stigma surrounding rape and abuse, creating a new conversation about and with women.

 The Vagina Monologues ran Off-Broadway for five years in New York and then toured the United States…

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Vagina Monologues at UHart

I did lines from “Introduction”, “Lists”, the intro to: “The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could”, and “My Vagina Was My Village”. It was my first time performing it and I loved being part of such a powerful and talented group of actresses. Overall, the Vagina Monologues touched upon themes of femininity, LGBTQ+, feminism, empowerment, and more. I highly recommend that you check it out at least once in February.

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