Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers Archive

Thus far, this a complete list of Wellness Wednesday guest bloggers. Therefore, this post will be updated as necessary. I try to feature new subjects but, I will repeat topics with new or unique perspectives.

Previous Topics:

  1. SELF-CARE. Why Self-Care is Critical to your Health.
  2. SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD). My Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  3. COPING WITH SUICIDE. 10 Ways to Cope When a Loved One Commits Suicide.
  4. ANXIETY/DEPRESSION AS ENTREPRENEURS. Dealing With Anxiety and Depression as an Entrepreneur.
  5. DAILY HABITS TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS. Five Daily Habits that will Increase Your Happiness.
  6. FIBROMYALGIA. Five Emotions you may Experience with Fibromyalgia.
  7. BREAKING BAD HABITS UNDER STRESS. 10 Ways to End Bad Habits in Times of Stress.
  8. ALONE TIME. Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing.
  9. WHAT MOTHER’S REALLY WANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY. What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day.
  10. ALLERGIES. Damn, Allergies.
  11. ANTEPARTUM DEPRESSION. What I Wish I’d Known about Antepartum Depression.
  12. MANAGING BUSY MOM LIFE. 6 Tips for Managing Busy Mom Life.
  13. MEAL PREPPING. The Beginners Guide to Meal Prepping.
  14. YOGA. Terrible Reasons you Don’t Practice Yoga Yet!
  15. ANXIETY FOR CHRISTIAN MOMS. Anxiety Coping Strategies for Christian Moms.
  16. HOW TO EAT PLANT-BASED. A How to Guide on Eating Plant-Based.
  17. FRIENDSHIP BREAK-UPS. Dear my ex-best friend(s), Thank you, Next.
  18. JOURNALING FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. How Journaling helped my Depression and Anxiety.
  19. THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO WORKOUT. 30 Things you can Do When you Don’t Want to Workout.
  20. VERTIGO. Vertigo, Anxiety, Meditation and the Mind.
  21. SELF-CARE WITH ZERO TIME. How to Rock Self-Care Even if you Have Zero Time.
  22. CBD MISCONCEPTIONS. What I Wish Everyone Knew about CBD.
  23. STARTING SMALL. Start Small with Strength Exercises.
  24. EMOTIONAL PAIN. Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain.
  25. SEEKING HELP. It’s Okay to Seek Help.
  26. HOLIDAY OVEREATING. 15 Tips to Prevent Holiday Overeating.
  27. NON-APPEARANCE RELATED REASONS TO WORKOUT. 6 Reasons to Work Out that Have Nothing to do With Looks.
  28. RELAXING AFTER WORK 10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work
  29. Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Busy People
  30. My Anxiety Story: Plus a Few Coping Strategies

If you have an article or post about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health email them to me. You’ll get a chance to be a Wellness Wednesday guest blogger if you’re a good fit!

Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers

Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers Archive

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Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers Archive


1: Self-Care.

Brad Krause of selfcaring.info.

Some people consider self-care indulgent and selfish, but self-care is critical to your health. In fact, neglecting self-care can actually cost you, leading you to burnout. As Susan Noonan, M.D. writes at Psychology Today, self-care “is often one of the first things to go when you are overcome with emotional problems and mental illness…. But self-care behaviors are one of life’s basic necessities and not just superfluous luxury items, or the cherry on top.” Read more.


2: Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder.

Sophia Garner of cuppateawithsoph.

It took a really difficult winter, during my first year of university, for me to think about seeing a doctor. In all honesty I thought they were going to send me away and say I was just being a moody teenager, who likes her sleep when it’s cold outside. However, how wrong I was, surprisingly! The doctor asked me a variety of questions, ranging from my general eating pattern, my exercise routine, to my feelings during seasonal shifts. In the end, I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, ironic huh!? Read more.


3: Coping with a Loved One’s Suicide.

Jasmine Wyrick of thepostitnote.

Today I want to get serious about a subject that is incredibly personal and has impacted and changed my life completely. I want to talk about suicide and how to cope after someone who you care for takes their life. Read more.


4: Anxiety/Depression as an Entrepreneur .

Nicole Starbuck of jumpstartpositivity.

If you’re a blogger, business owner, or some combination of the two, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pressures of increasing workloads and imminent deadlines.

But how does one handle these day-to-day stresses in the face of mental health issues like anxiety or depression? Or, as can often be the case, what should one do if work is the cause of anxiety and depression? Read more.


5: Daily Habits to Achieve Happiness.

Tammi Solis of girlunfinished.

You are ready to find your happiness. You are ready to work towards it every day because you know it’s possible and I’m ready to share all my happiness tips with you. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been on my own journey to find happiness for a really long time. And I feel like I know a thing or two about this whole happiness thing. Let’s get started with five daily habits that will increase your happiness. Read more.


6: Emotions with Fibromyalgia: Pamela Jessen of pamelajessen.

In addition to the physical symptoms a person experiences, there are a lot of emotions you may experience as well. Here is a list of the top five Emotions you may find yourself facing when you receive a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or if you have been living with Fibro for quite some time. Read more.


7: Breaking Bad Habits Under Stress.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan of sifascorner.

It will be almost impossible to find someone without stress. It affects our everyday lives and creates a huge impact on our daily habits. It’s very common to develop negative habits as a way to cope with daily stress and disappointments. Some drown their sorrows in food or alcohol, others numb themselves in front of the television or complain endlessly to friends without making any effort to change their situation. Read more.


8: Alone Time.

Wrae Sanders of wraemeredith.

Everyone needs “alone time”. This is time to recharge your batteries, appreciate the quiet and not have people in your face asking for things. I like this time. Honestly, I used to absolutely hate quiet time because I didn’t like to be alone with my thoughts. These days, I appreciate it a lot more. I can relax, color and read in peace, among other things. Read more.


9: What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day.

Cendu Param of cenduparam.

You might be thinking about splurging on all kinds of awesome stuff (and go ahead and do that too because why not) but I’m here to spill the tea. Here’s my confessions of life as a new mom and what I really want this Mother’s Day. I’m sure all or most over-worked and over-tired mums everywhere can relate.  Here’s my list of 10 things to make this Mother’s Day perfect. Read more.


10: Allergies.

Alex Palacios of careisintheair.

I can’t tell you how many patients come in everyday suffering from allergies, mistaking it for a cold many times or even the flu and usually in most cases, spending their entire mornings –if they’re lucky; to over pay for some antibiotics that probably won’t help you and come to find out that most of your prescriptions are over the counter. And yes, that means 99% of the time, unless you have a Medicaid plan, they don’t cover it. So before you go and spend all that time, effort, and tears, let’s go over a few things. Read more.


11: Antepartum Depression.

Tiffany Thomas of savingtalents.

So often we hear of postpartum depression, but we rarely hear of another equally-severe diagnosis: antepartum depression. Read more at Saving Talents.


12: Managing Busy Mom Life.

Mallory Richardson of momofwarhearmyroar.

We all have so many details that make up our life. So, how do we keep it from being too much? It would be easy to shed some of my responsibilities. I could quit school, I could stop making the time consuming Valentine’s for the boys to take to school, or I could stop going Pinterest crazy for their birthday parties. But, I don’t want to. I would be giving up so much more. So, how do we manage it all? Read more.

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13: Meal Prepping .

Carolina Edson of thisathleisurelife.

Meal Prepping can be the easiest thing you do…. or the most difficult. It really all depends on how you approach it. I enjoy meal prepping because it saves me time during the week, not to mention the savings in money and unnecessary calories. But – I will admit it was definitely intimidating at first. I was trying to follow what an already-fit person was doing, who’s life revolved around meal prepping and working out. Read more.


14: Yoga.

Niomi Lindfors of stellarwellness.

For me, yoga is a way of life on and off the mat. Through a regular yoga practice I can bring that self awareness to  my life at any point, my turning towards my breath and getting in tune with my energetic body. Read more.


15: Anxiety for Christian Moms.

Leah Veinbergs of two-little-time.

Worry, fear, anxiety–a choking sense of doom comes out of nowhere and a dark cloud descends on my mind. Anxiety is the icy fingers of dread resting on my shoulder. It is manifested in the way I snap at my loved ones for no apparent reason. It is embodied by the swirling cycle of “what if’s” fueling my insomnia. Anxiety is the physical symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, sweating, fatigue, and muscle tension. It is a constant thief of joy and destroyer of peace. However, it doesn’t have to be. There is hope. There are many anxiety coping strategies that you can learn. Read more.


16: How to Eat Plant-Based.

Leah Castle of livingonroots.

When starting anything new, there are obstacles and challenges that always come
up, no matter what you are starting. Adding on a whole new way of eating can be
one of the biggest challenges you will face. After all, the food we consume has most
likely been a habit for several years, and we all know habits are hard to break. BUT
what if I told you there are some really easy steps to take when wanting to eat a
more plant-based diet? Let’s get to it! Read more.


17: Friendship Break-Ups.

Jalisa Nichole of Jalisa-Nichole.

We always talk about the pain of breaking up with a significant other, but we rarely talk about friendship breakups. They HURT too! Read more.


18: Journaling for Anxiety and Depression.

Summer K-Hadden of thesunshinesuitcase.

Bridget Jones may have been on to something when she penned her thoughts, dreams, and struggles in her diary. She used her diary to figure out relationships, job struggles, and more. Journaling can be an amazing tool for mental health and self-care. Read more.


19: Things You Can Do When You Don’t Want to Workout.

Anna Hallai of winedowncommunity.

Let me give it to you straight; you’re not going to wake up everyday wanting to hit the gym or go for a run. Most days, you’ll probably dread even thinking about working out. On these days, I have to remind myself why I workout, how good I feel when I do, and sometimes that does the trick. However, that’s not always the case. You have to motivate yourself to keep going and when that’s not enough, I’ve got 30 things you can do when you don’t want to workout. Read more.


20: Vertigo.

Jonathan Brewer of myvertigoandme.

Vertigo is a very unpleasant spinning sensation that people can feel even if they are not moving. Dizziness is a feeling of movement or motion a person might feel often described as feeling unsteady. There a many possible causes, most of them are associated with inner ear problems. Read more.


21: Self-Care with Zero Time.

Lisa Latimer of lisalatimer.

Are you tired of being told you have to add x,y, and z, to your crammed schedule, in the name of self-care?  You already don’t have time to breathe, (a huge reason why you need the damn self-care to begin with).  Now your’e being told to up the crazy, in the name of self- care?  Riddle me that!  There is a way of rocking your self-care like a ninja, so that it seamlessly weaves itself into your every day activities, (without having to cancel, switch, or pencil anything extra in).  With this self-care trick I’m sharing with you, you can rock self-care, even if you have zero time. Read more.


22: CBD Misconceptions.

Kristin Hodnett of XO Krissy.

You may have seen CBD in more forms than one could imagine lately. Due to its huge burst in popularity, marketers are racing to get products on the shelf, hoping consumers will strike while the iron is hot. I’ve used bath bombs, tea, lotions, salve, gummies and supplements, and I’ve heard of everything from infused water to hand sanitizer. In spite of this, CBD or cannabidiol remains a mystery. Here are a few misunderstandings I’d like to clear up. Read more.


23: Starting Small.

Leah Custer of Saving Mama’s Sanity

It only seems appropriate with the time of year to share some workout strategies. Many people decide on New Year’s “I’m going to live healthier”, “I’m going to work out”, “I’m going to lose weight”. The list is endless about losing weight or eating healthy and exercising. For real though, it will not happen overnight and you need to go easy on yourself. Start small and ENJOY it instead pushing too hard, getting overwhelmed and as a result giving up because it’s too hard. Here’s a thought… don’t make it too hard to begin with! Read more.


24: Emotional Pain

Ashley Stephan of ashleystephan.wordpress.com

Emotional distress is felt in many different ways. We feel it as addictions, anxiety, sadness, unwanted compulsions, physical ailments, angry mood, boredom and more. Emotional pain can appear out of the blue. It is really important that we take active steps to overcome it or it can easily eat us up from the inside out. Below you will find 5 really effective things that you can do in order to heal your emotional pain. Try them and do not forget about the help that therapy can offer. Read more.


25: Seeking Help

Alexandra Craig of The Positively You Project

Have you ever felt the need to go see someone for help? You witnessed yourself down spiraling and you KNEW you needed to talk to someone or do something. So you went and found what you needed. Read more.


26: Holiday Overeating

Rebecca Branham of Modavate Coaching

In this High Fact Diet Age we’re living in, figuring out what approach works best for you can feel extremely overwhelming. On the one hand, you’re empowered with tons of information at your fingertips. On the other hand, you’re completely confused. Who do you trust? How do you know what’s effective? How do you know what’s safe and what isn’t?  People often end up stuck here, giving up before they get started.  That’s why it’s so frustrating!  So without further ado, here are 15 tips to prevent holiday overeating. Read more.

27: Non-Appearance Related Reasons to Workout

Morgan Smith of the Relatable Red

Finding reasons to work out that have nothing to do with looks will ultimately lead to the change we are all seeking when we start exercising. I won’t pretend like how you look isn’t a motivator to work out, it definitely is. It’s usually the first motivator for women, but it’s just not enough. There, I said it. If it was, way more people would be pursuing fitness consistently. Read more.


28: Relaxing After Work

Yoli McLeod of Yolispired

If you’ve been trying to find new ways to relax and recharge after a long or stressful day at work instead of parking yourself on the couch watching Netflix, this article has you covered. You work hard, so of course, you deserve to relax and free your mind form the super long or stressful day you just had. Read More

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