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Unicorns are my spirit animal because I’m uniquely sparkly, I’m living a magical life, and I have an untamable free-spirit! These are a few of my favorite unicorn quotes.

“Believe in the power of the unseen and the strength of the unknown. Take chances. Bet on yourself. Live your life with a passionate fire. Be kind to others and never take one single day for granted”


Unicorn Quotes

” A unicorn doesn’t just stand around and wonder what other unicorns think about it. It just sparkles✨🦄 “


“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.”


“Lessons from a unicorn: Anything is possible, there’s magic inside you, dreams can come true, it’s okay to be different, sparkle and shine, you don’t need wings to fly, believe in yourself even if nobody else does”


“Some people say I live in my own reality, I was so shocked I nearly fell off my unicorn 💖🦄☀️🌊☔️🌈 “


What is your spirit animal and why? What are your favorite Unicorn Quotes?

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