Wellness Wednesday: Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Busy People by Gabriel Patel

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Sometimes, when we resolve to make health and lifestyle improvements, we become obsessed with major investments of money and time when all we really need to do is gift ourselves with small, cost-conscious items and changes that keep us on the path to good health. The important thing is to make consistent, daily efforts, because focusing on goals that are too big and hard to accomplish in one great leap can become frustrating and set you up for failure. Instead, incorporate smaller, incremental changes that fit easily within your daily routine. Give yourself the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Busy People


Relieving stress is one of the most important aspects of self-care. It takes a serious toll on the human body and mind, so it’s important to find ways to unburden yourself of all that pressure. Begin by giving yourself the gift of time. Make a point of setting aside one afternoon each week, perhaps three or four hours to spend doing something you find relaxing. Invest in a book of poetry, philosophy, or advice about different meditative techniques. The act of reading engages your brain in ways that make your problems melt away for a while; some people consider reading to be an altered state, an ideal way to take your mind off things. 

Finding Ways to Work Out

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If you’re already operating on a busy schedule, chances are that finding the time to fit in a trip to the gym isn’t very feasible. That said, it’s still important to incorporate fitness into your daily routine, and one of the best ways you can make that happen is to set aside a section of your home for a personal gym. You don’t need to go all out and spend a small fortune; instead, you can transform an unused room into a functional workout space with very little cash. For example, pick up some affordable starter gear (resistance bands ($9.99)or free weights to help you get things off on the right foot. 

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, a smartwatch or fitness tracker can help. These gadgets can track many different metrics, such as calories burned, distance traveled, stairs climbed, and heart rate. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4, with a large display, fall detection, and heart rate notifications, can be a good option. A more budget-friendly model is the Fitbit Charge 3, which has sleep tracking, seven-day battery life, and water resistance. 

Go Salt-Free

Salt makes food taste better, but it has destructive long-term effects on the body. It can lead to high blood pressure, which puts you at risk for cardiovascular problems, obesity and many other problems. This year, dump the salt shaker and go with substitutes like garlic, red pepper flakes, lime juice, or a salt-free herb blend. Gift yourself with a variety of flavorful herbs, and incorporate them in your cooking. It’s a low-cost dietary change that will help you lose weight and feel better. 

The Gift of Sleep

When you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities, your sleep may suffer. Either you’re too stressed at night or there’s not enough time in the day to do it all. Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. Resolve to hit the sack at the same time every night. Buy a weighted sleep mask or white noise machine, which can easily be found for under $50, to help you get a full, restful seven to nine hours every night. 

If you’re feeling sluggish during the day and tend to crash by lunchtime, there could be more at work than lack of sleep. You could be in need of an energy boost with healthy supplements that provide some of what might be missing in your diet. Do some research about what’s available to find the supplement that’s right for you. 


Many of us sit at a desk for 8 or more hours every day. Whether it’s working at a computer and talking on the phone. Your back feels it and your posture will show it if you’re in an ergonomically-unhealthy situation for such long periods. This year, invest in an ergonomically sound workspace with an adjustable chair that supports your spine and a keyboard that keeps your hands and wrists in the proper position. 

Good Oral Health

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There’s a strong connection between oral health and other aspects of your overall health and wellness. Healthy teeth and gums help keep your heart strong, support your mental outlook and have even been linked to good gut health. Do yourself a favor by making a dentist appointment this year and following up on any needed dental work. Don’t overlook your gut health, either. You can maintain a healthy gut by including yogurt and other foods with live cultures in your diet, taking probiotics daily and limiting antibiotics as much as possible. 

A Note on Cancer

Medical science has determined that awareness and education are the first steps in the battle against cancer. Arm yourself with the facts, and understand the importance of early detection. In addition to following a healthy lifestyle, take the time to regularly review your health insurance. See what would and wouldn’t be covered if you needed treatment and hospitalization for a cancer diagnosis. Understanding the costs can help you be prepared financially.

Leading a healthy life is difficult when you’re constantly on the go. Make a point of incorporating good habits into your daily routine, and minimize the possibility you’ll overlook good health hygiene. The residual effects of a healthy lifestyle will quickly become evident in how you feel, look and perform at work.

About the Author:

Gabriel Patel enjoys writing about health and wellness. He co-founded Health Well Wise with a group of friends who share the desire to help people live happy, healthy lives.


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