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Ivory Ella

I get store credit from purchases with my referral link. If you use my link or discount code you get 15% off and I will receive a small commission at no additional cost you you.

Referral Link:

TooFaced Cosmetics

I make a commission from purchases with my referral link.

Referral Link:

Product Exchange

Approximate value received in complementary products/gifts


Complementary set of 4 room sprays ($23.80) and 2 spray & go fresheners ($17.97).

Going green for Spring Cleaning just makes SCENSE 🌱 Air Scense is the best plant-based all-natural air freshener that uses essential oils to eliminate, not just mask odors.

If you are conscientious and care about the environment they have recyclable aluminum packaging, the are cruelty-free, and their products are 100% mineral and plant-based so it’s a safer option!

Thanks for sending me this free bunch of AirScense products including 💛💚🧡💜 Vanilla, Lime, Orange, and Lavender scents✨My favorite is vanilla! What is your favorite smell that you use for your home? @airscense 


Free wireless bluetooth tri-fold keyboard (retail price $49.99) available on Amazon for $40.19.

You’re just my TYPE! Believe me, this Blogger is always WRITE[ing] ✏️⌨️Thanks @Aluratek for my complimentary foldable Bluetooth connected keyboard! As an aspiring blogger, this is a must-have tech essential! This keyboard helps me keep my “office” on-the-go and makes typing comments and blog posts a breeze. Compatible with Apple, Windows, and iOS devices 💻🖥📱⌨️

Alway looking for more submissions for Wellness Wednesday on [] so send me some submissions for a chance to be featured 💌

Blingsting (+Amazon gift card)

Complimentary gold bow AHH!-larm $19.99 and a $15 Amazon gift card.

This is the AHH-mazing gold AHH!-larm from Blingsting! they’re the over-the-top, sparkles-obsessed, personal protection company that’s disrupting the mainstream ✨ They have super stylish and girly personal protection devices (alarms, pepper spray, stun guns, and more) to encourage and empower women to live their best life! It’s the gift that says, “I love you. I want you to be safe and to carry it.” #PersonalSafetySoCuteItHurts
Being cute + safe + prepared at all times is EVERYTHING 🙌 They are available on Amazon or at WWW.BLINGSTING.COM 

Bulu Box

Burn Blend subscription box valued at $29.99.

What’s in the [KICK]box? 🧡🥊📦💟Feel the burn with the @bulubox Burn Blend 🔥
I’ve kickboxed for almost a year and lowered my resting heart rate from 120bpm (yikes!) to 50bpm (woohoo!). But, just because you workout doesn’t mean you can neglect nutrition. I’ll admit, as the weather gets nice and BBQ, brewery, and winery season come, I fall into the trap of thinking because I worked out I can indulge. WRONG! Why sabotage yourself and cancel out all your hard work ⁉️😓❌

I’m all for mixing it up and trying new things so I’m excited to receive the Bulubox a subscription box service that delivers healthy lifestyle and fitness products right to your door! Never stop exploring and get samples to figure out what tastes good and discover what works for you!

Chasing Black Unicorns EBook

Chasing Black Unicorns Ebook valued at $9.95.

Flashback Friday Reading is FUNdamental! As a kid, I loved to read: fiction, non-fiction, and pictured is a Powerpuff Girls comic book. Growing up reading was a source of comfort and protection because I was incredibly shy and could escape into my own world in my imagination because of reading. Being an adult is like having a series of events and responsibilities that get in the way of your pages.

I try to prioritize reading as much as possible: I’m in a book club, I listen to Audiobooks, I read blogs, and I try to read for fun as well.

I’m currently reading ‘Chasing Black Unicorns’ @marekchinedu and listening to ‘Ask Again, Yes’ on Audible for book club.

Question of the Day: I’m curious, what are you reading right now? Or what did you love to read as a kid? 📚🐛📖✨😊💖

Dirty South Vintage

Free pink rose shoes ($29.99) and flannel ($14.99).

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”-Marilyn Monroe 👠This is definitely true for @dsv_dirtysouthvintage which is a girl owned and run business! Thanks for the pink shoes with the red roses🌹 What are your favorite pair/type of shoes? Get your vintage fashion on at

second post

Sip sip hooray for my new “majestic af” wine tasting glass which can hold up to two bottles❣️🦄 🍷Definitely not a pour decision 😏 I used my glass at my friend’s 30th painting/wine tasting birthday party. What goes better with painting than plaid? Thanks to @dsv_dirtysouthvintage for my cozy fall flannel so I can embrace my inner Bob Ross🎨🌳🌳🌳
To get cool vintage clothes from an awesome girl run business go to my referral link First 10 people to use the promo code: FlashME get $3 off!


4 free sheet masks valued at $15. Promo code has already expired.
‪✨And from the chaos in her soul there flowed beauty‬ ✨💛 @myfacetory

Influenster (Multiple Products)

FREEBIES / FREE STUFF / VOXBOXES (11 VoxBoxes, Approx. retail value ~$461.45)

bareMinerals, COVERGIRL, e.l.f Cosmetics, Eva NYC, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Marc Jacobs, Milk Makeup, Nature Box, Nature’s Bounty, Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics, Revlon, Rimmel London, Physicians Formula

See a full list of the beauty products I’ve received from Influenster here.

Ivory Ella

Complementary black Sherpa fleece ($75). Discount code has expired, request a 15% discount code from me via email: Use the subject line “Ivory Ella”

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this black Sherpa fleece, it’s so fluffy and soft, like wearing a big hug!🖤 Help join the cause and save the elephants! Every purchase goes towards saving the beautiful creatures! @ivoryella has donated over 1.6 million towards #savetheelephants and other charities since 2015 so by purchasing from them you can look cute AND do good❣️ Live life with the ideals of an elephant: Empathy, Creativity, Strength, and Loyalty 🐘

Michael Todd Beauty

One Sonicare Petit ($89) and charcoal facial cleanser/scrub ($8).

If you don’t already know I adore makeup and trying new things! I’m even a Diamond rewards member of Ulta so I was really excited to be able to try the Soniclear Petite from @MichaelToddBeauty available on their website or at @ultabeauty💎 It’s by far the best facial cleanser I’ve ever used in my life!

It’s rechargeable, easy to travel with, gentle, and it leaves skin feeling baby soft and clean! My favorite feature is the automatic timer that reminds you to move on to a different part of your face- it takes away a lot of the guesswork and it’s like pampering your skin with a mini-massage each and every time!

They even sent me a charcoal cleanser that works wonders- total game-changer! Great confidence-inducing and convenient skincare is available for everyone of all ages in all walks of life! Soniclear Petite and Elite, Sonic Refresher, Sonic Eraser Pro, Sonicsmooth Tools Available at Bigelow!

Not Pot

Free bottle of Not Pot CBD gummies and stash bag. Product is in high demand and they are currently sold out. Last I checked, one bottle was around $19.99 and there we options to buy 1, 2, or 3 bottles at a time.

These cute little strawberry-flavored vegan CBD @notpot gummy bears are so unBEARably cute🍓🌱🐻. There’s no THC 🚫 each gummy has 10 mg of hemp grown by small-scale farmers in Oregon and Colorado in compliance with the Farm Bill 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🌾

I’m loving the fact that every purchase supports their mission to #freeplantsandpeople through the Bail Project 💸, a non-profit that pays the bail of one person in need per month and aims to destigmatize hemp and end mass incarceration.

I have been using this brand of CBD gummies for over a week now and I’ve been having an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep 💤 These gummies help me feel less anxious and more relaxed. This Wellness Wednesday show yourself a little self-love, selfcare, and TLC with CBD 💖


Free rose gold necklace. Unfortunately, it appears that the website is down and the brand is no longer active.

He who dares not grasp the thorns, should never crave the rose but PLOT TWIST: what if thorns have roses, not the other way around DUN DUN DUN 🥀😂🌹 Check out this beautiful rose gold rose necklace that I was gifted from @plaza_express_shop You can now buy this Plaza-Express – Rose necklace with special -20% discount! Just use the code: “Plaza” You can order the necklace at the link:

✨Question of the day: What is your favorite flower? 💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼 Mine are interestingly colored roses (ex. Rainbow, glitter, iridescent🌈 ) because it’s a fun twist on a timeless classic

Secret Wood

One free Azure Falls ring valued at $178.

PROMO CODE: thanks_honeybunnytwee (15% off any product on for the first 15 people only) When you make your boyfriend hike to a waterfall with you to show of your “Azure Falls” ring from @secret.wood 💍

Advice from a Waterfall💦:
Go with the flow.
Roar with excitement.
Let your cares fall away.
Create your own music.
Immerse yourself in nature.
Stay active.
Make a splash!


One month Splendies subscription box valued at $17.99 at the time. One month, 3 pairs of undies is now $14.99.

Undies? More like FUNdies! @Splendies is a surprise package of 3 pairs of fun, exciting, and bright undies sent each and every month! Who doesn’t love surprises?❣️🎁😜 It’s undies in the mail! They are super soft, comfy, and cute 💌📦💖 Use coupon code SPLENDIES to receive $4 off your first month, that’s 3 pairs for $13.99.


Complementary T-Straplet, regularly priced at $32.00.

Talk about a transformation Tuesday I just turned these shoes from the clearance section of Target into a pair of fabulously badass gold-studded heels fit for a boss babe 👑 Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes 👠 Use the code “HONEYBUNNYSTOMP15” through the end of March and Straplets will donate 15% to STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying campaign. Let’s replace hate with hope, empathy, creativity, inclusivity, and reach out to those who feel alone. Straplets are a vegan plant-based leather🌱accessory that secure and accent any heels so you can look good while you do good! Go to [WWW.STRAPLETS.COM] to buy your own❣️@straplets 

Tough Mudder

$70 worth of Tough Mudder Merchandise.

No pain, no gain! No mud, no Lotus! and No guts, no glory! 💖✨Loving the Tough Mudder swag from @toughmudderinfluencers can’t wait to wear them at my next one. If you’re a newbie use my friend, Alanna’s ambassador code: BRANDAMB722EW for a discount for your first Tough Mudder! Swipe to see a photo of her in action! Talk about a Mud Mermaid and #WCW 🧜🏻‍♀️❣️She just recently finished her 40th Tough Mudder and was the reason I ran my first full OCR ever! Her dedication and how she runs in honor of her mother rocking the yellow rose inspires me to be tougher, stronger, and better version of myself 💛🌹 @tough_mudder


Complementary box of Winc wine valued at $40.

Paid Posts / Ads / Ad Campaigns

Approximate value received for all paid posts, ads, and ad campaigns: ~$745.00. Are you a beginner micro influencer? Do you want to start getting paid to post based on your following? Use my referral link to get started with Heartbeat {}.

Biossance Campaign

Today, I’ll turn for the better because I’ve got mountains to climb and new heights to reach. #2000Reasons ⛰ @Biossance #biossance2K 

Blog Posts

I get paid to publish blog articles. These are some of my paid posts:

Disney’s Dumbo Campaign

[AD] Can’t wait to watch all these live-action Disney remakes coming out! I’m a 90’s kid and a total Disney fan! I loved Dumbo as a kid and think elephants are so majestic! I’m even a brand ambassador for a fashion company that helps elephant conservation which is why I’m so excited for the live-action Dumbo movie now playing in theaters!

I remember being unsettled yet intrigued by the elephants on parade scene in the cartoon and am stoked to see how that will be interpreted in this day and age in 3-D💖🐘🎪✨ Have you seen this movie yet? Do you plan to? If you saw it what are your thoughts?🍿 @dumbo 

Dunkin Espresso Campaign

Paid post and $5 reimbursement for Dunkin espresso beverage.

It’s sweater season; and the days are getting shorter and colder, but no need to fret because you can get #espressonotdepresso 😆🧤❄️🧣❣️ @dunkin has all new lattes, macchiatos, Americanos, and cappuccinos ☕️

I tried their new Cinnamon Sticky Bun Latte and I liked it a latte 😏❣️Warm your body and your soul with a delicious hot beverage! Sipping is believing – I’ve sipped, now I believe! You should try it too – it’s totally different! Smooth, balanced, rich, creamy taste 😋 It’s high quality espresso on-the-go!

#IStandFearless Campaign

The Fearless Girl was created by Kristen Visbal for International Women’s Day in 2017 and it stands head-to-head with the Wall Street Bull statue- sending a BOLD message to corporations and the world at large that WOMEN are a NECESSARY and INTEGRAL part of business.

Now the financial firm that paid for the installation is trying to bully the artist @visbalsculpture into giving up intellectual property through litigation. •
Support the Fearless Girl by contributing whatever you can to the GoFundMe page (link in bio) Make it clear that women will not be bullied into submission anymore 💪👧🏻🐂💖❣️

I’m very lucky know so many creative, inspirational, smart, strong, kind, and empowering women in my life 🌹👑 Tag 3 women in your life who inspire you to be FEARLESS!

In Search of Fellini Trailer Campaign

Who doesn’t want to go on an adventure and fall in love? 😍💖A coming of age movie that every young woman should see 🍷 @insearchoffellini @Nancy_Cartwright

Mountain Jam Music Festival Campaign

Won 2 free tickets to the Mountain Jam festival valued at $240.

Do you like FESTIVALS? YOGA? CAMPING? MUSIC? What about ALL of the above? The 14th Annual Mountain Jam Music Festival will take place at Hunter Mountain, in Hunter, NY June 15-17, 2018. The three-day festival features 50+ Indie Rock bands in the Catskill Mountains. The Festival offers 3-Day festival tickets with and without camping. Other activities on the mountain in recent years during the festival include yoga, fire dancing, hula hooping, Chinese dragon art, and the Skyride. @mountainjam

Pixels Home Decor Campaign

Two paid posts and $75 worth of free home decor.

[AD] Thanks @shoppixels for my complimentary tropical tote to match my 2019 planner and my unicorn pillow🎨🦄 “Believe in the power of the unseen and the strength of the unknown. Take chances. Bet on yourself. Live your life with a passionate fire. Be kind to others and never take one single day for granted”-unknown ✨

Pixels lets you buy unique decor and gifts like pillows, fleeces, mugs, weekender bags, and more with art from independent artists and iconic brands. Decorate your home and accessorize your life with incredible works of art.

By buying one-of-a-kind products from Pixels, you’re supporting artists and their self expression and dreams. ✨20% off your entire order for a limited time only (must visit the website through the link in bio to get the discount!✨ Question of the day: What are your 2019 goals and resolutions?

second post

[AD] ✨Pixels lets you buy unique decor and gifts like pillows, fleeces, mugs, weekender bags, and more with art from independent artists and iconic brands. Decorate your home and accessorize your life with incredible works of art.

By buying one-of-a-kind products from Pixels, you’re supporting artists and their dreams. 20% discount through link✨ @shoppixels 🎨🦄💖Question of the day: What is your spirit animal and why?

Unicorns are my spirit animal because I’m uniquely sparkly, I’m living a magical life, and I have an untamable free-spirit!

Playboy Merch Campaign

Paid post and $35 worth of free Playboy merchandise.

[AD] Ohhh you meant the other kind of bunny😜 Check out the new online Playboy Bunny store to grab your iconic Playboy Bunny (tee or pillow) now! Keep your living room or bedroom cool and sleek with this Playboy Painted Rabbit Head throw pillow. Question of the day: Why do you love the iconic Playboy bunny?🐰💋💖@playboy

Sexy Hair Control Me Campaign

Two paid posts and free Sexy Hair Control Me hairspray ($18.95).

Happy Sexy Hair Sunday 😘PROMO CODE: SEXYHAIRCONTROLME 15% off your purchase at! Sexy Hair’s new Control Me hairspray protects hair up to 450°F.
It offers a medium hold on curls and has a shiny finish. 📸Photo credit to my incredibly patient boyfriend, Ryan who puts up with my diva needs and his help behind the scenes 😍 @sexyhair. 

second post

PROMO CODE: SEXYHAIRCONTROLME 15% off your purchase at! Sexy Hair’s new Control Me hairspray protects hair up to 450°F.
It offers a medium hold on curls and has a shiny finish.

TOMS End Gun Violence Together Campaign

Let’s End Gun Violence Together go to ‪‬ to send your representatives a postcard demanding they take action on what over 90% of Americans agree on: universal background checks. It literally takes less than 30 seconds (it took me 10). I’m proud to partner with @TOMS which has offered to make a donation to a charity on my behalf and I have chosen March For Our Lives  because I have siblings who I hope can be safe from senseless harm while they receive their education in the public school system

Verizon Up Global Citizen Festival

Be The Generation that ends global poverty!🌎♻️🕊 the Global Citizen Festival featured performances by Cardi B, Janelle Monae, Janet Jackson, John Legend, Shawn Mendes and more in Central Park to raise awareness for key issues we face in the world today. Many audience members earned the right to be at the festival by volunteering, calling their senators, emailing petitions, encouraging young people to register to vote, etc… I hope to attend this festival one day!

Winc Subscription Campaign

Free box of Winc wine valued at $40.

Promo Code: honeybunnytwee
Use my promo code for $22 off your first box of wine, on top of the $5 first time buyer discount! HUGE savings!
Complete a quick flavor profile quiz.
@Winc finds bottles you might like. Everything is sent right to your door.

My personalized wine matches and my notes

🍒🍉🍓 2017 The Bluffer Valdiguié from Paso Robles, California
This fruity red wine smells just like a watermelon squeeze-pop. It tastes like it was steel-aged, not oaky. There were also subtle hints of courant as well as a burst of berries (cherry, blackberry, strawberry). It pairs well with red meat.

🍑🍓🌸 2017 Summer Water Rosé from Central Coast, California
Best served chilled, this rosé was light, sweet, citrusy, floral and refreshing. It tastes like white peach, grapefruit, and a hint of strawberry. This smooth, tart, and woodsy rosé pairs well with poultry.

🌸🍉🍓 2017 Porter & Plot Rosé from North Coast, California
This wine was like a combination of the previous two. The rosé smells like twisted southern sweet tea. It drinks like a dessert wine; sweet and light yet strong and fruity. There’s a bit of a spicy finish. Served best with fresh fruits or a veggie platter.

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