How to Look and Feel Great From Head to Toe

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Every now and then most people go through a stage in their lives where everything feels a bit ‘meh.’ Sometimes life gets so busy that your focus is lost and you stop taking as much care of yourself. If you have stopped looking after your appearance, you may feel like you no longer recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. When life gets busy, or you have lots on your mind, it is so easy to get stuck in a rut both with your appearance and with life in general. 

If you are feeling stuck and no longer feeling good about your appearance, you may not have the motivation to do anything about it. Here are some of the ways you can break free from your style rut, feel positive about your appearance, and regain your focus.

How to Look and Feel Great From Head to Toe

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Start at the Top

Your hair is your crowning glory and has a significant impact on your appearance. Your hair should reflect your personality and the style that you want to portray with the rest of your look.

There’s nothing like that fresh from the salon feeling that you get when you have just left the hairdressers. A new hairstyle or change of hair color can really liven up your look, and make a significant change to your appearance. Changing to a new hair color can bring added glossiness and shine to your hair too.

You mustn’t take your hair for granted; instead, you should provide it with plenty of care and attention. Treat your hair care routine in the same way as your beauty regime, and give it the love it deserves. Whether you like to finally get rid of those bald spots with an FUE hair transplant, mix up your own hair masks, have that trim done, or prefer to stay low maintenance and let a leave-in conditioner do the job; there are plenty of ways you can nourish your hair.

There are some excellent at-home Hair Care products and styling tools available on the market nowadays. Using these will help you to give your hair a professional finish. If you aren’t confident styling your hair at home, just give it plenty of practice, and in time you will master it. 

Focus on Your Face

Using facial skincare products is a must. The skin on your face is exposed to so much on a daily basis that it needs plenty of care to help it stay looking good and to protect it from long term damage.

Using sunblock on your face is clearly a no-brainer, as without sunblock, your skin could experience damage in the future due to sun exposure. As well as protecting your face from the elements, you also need to make sure that it is kept clean and hydrated. 

Finding the right skincare products can feel a little tricky as there are just so many to choose from, but with some research and a bit of trial and error you are sure to find a product that you love.

Skincare trends come and go, but recently more and more beauty obsessives are opting to purchase active skincare ingredients, instead of buying a pre-mixed jar or bottle of a beauty product. Choosing individual skincare ingredients can produce some impressive results. However, if this approach is new to you, take great care when implementing your new skincare routine, do your research beforehand, and read all the labels. Products with active ingredients can be extremely potent and can cause damage to your skin if the wrong products are combined, they are used in the wrong order, or they react in direct sunlight.

Put your new hair and skincare routine to the test and see how much better you feel spending some me-time pampering yourself.  After a busy day, why not treat yourself to a relaxing night in, and pamper yourself with a face mask and hair mask – that’s multi-tasking at its best!

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Wake Up to Make Up

For some people, makeup is a necessity and they won’t leave the house without wearing it. Other people like to experiment and get creative with makeup products and new looks. But, whichever of these two categories you fall into, there is no doubt about it, makeup can be a lot of fun.

One of the best things about make up is its ability to transform your look instantly. The act of applying your makeup can feel like a transformation in itself, and the process can be truly therapeutic. Makeup can provide an instant confidence boost and leave you feeling ready to face the world. Wearing makeup shouldn’t be about trying to conform with other people’s idea of how you should look. Makeup is about having fun with it and using it to express yourself.

Beautiful Bodycare

People usually are hard on their bodies, aware of everything that they consider to be an imperfection and something that should be improved upon. This mindset of feeling dissatisfied with your body can often make people lose interest and no longer want to take care of themselves. However, the opposite should be correct. Your body does so much each, and every day, it really is nothing short of incredible. Try showing your body some love by caring for it and nourishing it.

Dry body brushing has long been a popular method of boosting circulation and is often considered useful for reducing the appearance of cellulite too. The act of body brushing is pretty therapeutic and can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. 

Don’t forget to take care of the skin on your body too, and use SPF sunblock whenever you need it to guard your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Choose a moisturizer for your body that helps your skin get super soft and hydrated. Your choice of body moisturizer is very much a personal one; some people prefer dry oils, while others prefer whipped up fruity-smelling body butter.

Nailed It!

So, you have worked your way down from your fabulously glossy head of hair, and are now ready to show your feet some love too. Feet have a lot to put up with, and if left uncared for can end up with some uncomfortable problems. Having a pedicure in a salon can provide effective, long-lasting results and leave you with baby soft feet. However, if you prefer to pamper your feet as part of your at-home beauty routine, then you will find lots of handy products on the market to help. From foot scrubs to foot files, there are plenty of ways to remove that stubborn build-up of hard skin that forms on the bottom of the feet and around the heel area. 

When you are giving your feet a treat, don’t forget to add a pop of color too. Make your toenails look cheerful with a coat of a vibrant colored nail polish, and every time you look at your toes, you will feel perked up.

You Get Out What You Put In

Looking good is not merely about what you put on your body, what you put into it matters too. Drinking enough water, and eating a healthy balanced diet is essential for looking good and feeling great. A healthy diet combined with staying hydrated will make your eyes bright and sparkly, and your complexion clear.

Putting the right stuff into your body is essential for your health as well as your appearance. Your diet is an essential consideration if you want to keep your body working at its best. Taking care of your diet, should help you to stay fitter and healthier for longer, and enable you to live the life you want.

Keep Moving

Everyone knows about the health benefits of carrying out regular exercise, but that doesn’t mean that you need to get sweaty at the gym – unless you want to. Think about the sort of exercises you enjoy doing; if the activity is fun, you are more likely to keep doing it. 

Want to exercise in a way that also nurtures your wellbeing? Then why not give yoga or tai chi a try, and see how it benefits your mind as well as your body.

Be Kind to Yourself

Nowadays everyone is under so much pressure to have more money, a better car, a bigger house, a larger social media following; there is just so much competition out there. Try to step away from the materialistic competition, and instead focus on your wellbeing and how that can be improved.

Being thankful for your body, and taking great care of it is the secret to feeling and looking good. Nourishing your body to keep it looking at its best is truly beneficial.

Of course, there is more to life than your appearance. Having perfect hair and flawless makeup is not going to solve all your problems, but if it helps you to feel good, then that’s a great place to start. Taking the time to pamper yourself and work out what makes you feel good, is an excellent way of practicing self-care, and giving yourself the time and attention that you deserve.

What do You do to Improve Your Appearance? What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

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