Wellness Wednesday: Terrible Reasons You Don’t Practice Yoga Yet! by Niomi Lindfors

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What is Yoga?

Yoga means union and I interpret this as a union of my mind, body and soul. I feel connected to my heart and my desires and as a result, I feel connected to everyone else. I feel at peace.

Yoga is just stretching or another form of exercise to many, and a trendy hobby to others.

For me, yoga is a way of life on and off the mat. Through a regular yoga practice I can bring that self awareness to  my life at any point, my turning towards my breath and getting in tune with my energetic body.

The yoga poses,(asana) is the most modern part of the yoga practice. Yoga is in fact a practice that originated in India more than 5000 years ago, with the focus then being on meditation, yoga philosophy and other similar disciplines.

Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash

How to get Started

65 Terrible Reasons You Don’t Practice Yoga Yet!

  1. You’re not spiritual and it is just for those zen people
  2. You don’t want to fart
  3. You don’t know the lingo: mantra, third eye, OM
  4. Yoga studios are intimidating
  5. It is just another trend that you will try and fail at
  6. You don’t want to ’ overstretch’
  7. You’re not skinny or super flexible
  8. You hate incense
  9. You don’t know all the types of yoga…Hatha? Hot? Partner?
  10. You’re pregnant and can’t walk downstairs let alone do downward dog
  11. There are too many mats to choose from
  12. Sun salutations look terrifying
  13. You can’t decide which leggings to buy and they are too expensive anyway
  14. You know you will start laughing if the teacher starts chanting
  15. Inhale, exhale instructions seem very difficult. You hate breathing
  16. You’re scared of trying handstands, wheel pose and ’inversions’
  17. Classes are expensive
  18. You can’t sit on the floor let alone lotus position
  19. Everyone else will be ’better’ than you
  20. You hate yoga music

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My biggest tip is to choose, learn and practice a specific 20 minute sequence and master that. You will gain confidence and then you can evaluate how you feel.

Breath awareness is a priority with the aim being to activate, circulate and sublimate energy and emotion around your body through yoga asana.

You don’t need to focus on leggings, but you do need to focus on your breath.

Yoga like all new challenges can be scary and bring up uncomfortable feelings. Be kind to yourself! I promise you, a regular yoga practice will change your life!

Good luck yogi! You can do it!

 About the Author:

Bio: Niomi is a mum of 4 little ones aged 3-7 with a 5th baby on the way. 
She is a British ex pat living in the Swedish Arctic where she runs her holistic wellness centre, Stellar Wellness offering massage, yoga, meditation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT.

 She recently started an online business to  have more freedom to work around her kids. Niomi provides online 1:1 women’s holistic intimacy and relationship coaching. She believes all women deserve to live a life full of passion, pleasure and purpose.

Her mission is to help women prioritize self care and self love.  She blogs about women’s wellness at
Niomi is launching an online course: CBT and Mindfulness for stress and anxiety. She hopes to support as many women as possible to encourage them to feel Stellar!

Niomi would love to share the following:

1. A free mindfulness checklist great for anxiety or stress. 

2. A free 30 min call for women looking to improve their relationships when you sign up to be part of the free friendly Stellar Wellness community. 

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