Hidden Rainbow Hair

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I let my Instagram followers choose my hair color. Given the option between red tips and hidden rainbow hair, the majority chose the later. I know what you’re thinking: this girl is crazy for letting strangers pick something as personal as her hair color. Honestly, I needed the change and I hadn’t done anything with my hair for over a year. I even asked for recommendations to local hair salons around Connecticut. Then, I picked a stylist at Sculptures Salon in Southington who was I was referred to via social media. Paula was amazing and helped make my vision come to life by mixing my Lisa Frank inspired colors.

Hidden Rainbow Hair Process

Just arriving at the salon for my appointment.

My stylist had blue and purple hair, herself so I knew I was in good hands. She had already mapped out the colors and the order since we had already discussed what I wanted: a Lisa Frank rainbow.


It took two rounds of bleach for my hair to get to a pale enough blonde for Paula to work her magic.

Adding Colors

Blue, Lime Green, Yellow, Lava Orange, Magenta, and Violet hair-dye
This panorama makes it look like I have six heads, but I figured I’d share anyways.
View from the back of my head.
Foils in, waiting for the colors to set.

Final Results

Overall, I am obsessed with how my hair came out and beyond impressed! If I let my hair down you wouldn’t be able to tell I had a rainbow there, but I’d know ;P mwahaha. Business on top, party underneath!

Would you try Hidden Rainbow Hair?

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