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Media Kit – Honeybunnytwee

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Follower Counts (18.9 K Followers | 28.1 K Overall Reach)

OVERALL REACH 28.1 (Updated: 04/11/2021)

  • Instagram 10.5K Overall Followers
  • Facebook Page 1,020 Overall Page Likes
  • Blog 633 Overall Unique Monthly Visitors
  • Twitter 1.2K Followers
  • Pinterest 4.9K Followers | 48K Overall Monthly Viewers
  • LinkedIn 670 Connections

Fohr Profile

Honeybunnytwee is ranked #35,760 out of 150,496 influencers in the Fohr Directory. This rank is calculated based on total unique followers, across Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Pinterest.

Live Media Kit – Linkfolio

For a live updated Media Kit check out my Linkfolio page: https://linkfol.io/honeybunnytwee

***Updated 4/11/2021***

Instagram (10.1k Followers)

Thuy (pronounced ‘Twee’) has been on Instagram since 2012. Earlier, in 2017 she started as a micro-influencer creating content for brands. Eventually, in 2018, she started as a beauty and lifestyle blog, honeybunnytwee.com. In essence, she’s steadily building her brand on social media and authentically engages with her audience.

Her mission is to spread kindness like glitter. She collaborates with non-profits, small businesses, artists, cruelty-free makeup brands, philanthropic/charitable causes, and favors brands that also give back. Thuy also regularly donates platelets and plasma to the American Red Cross. She enjoys kickboxing and doing Tough Mudder OCR’s. Overall, she’s a passionate, conscientious, and adventurous suburban princess / part-time unicorn.

Examples of Past Work

So far here examples of brands I worked with. The most important factor is that these brands align with my values and style.

Air Sense (@AirSense)

Bling Sting (@LoveBlingSting)

Dunkin (@Dunkin)

Michael Todd Beauty (@MichaelToddBeauty)

Straplets (@Straplets)



Brands– Generally, email proposals for paid posts; I also do product exchanges.

Writers/Bloggers– Presently, I’m looking for Wellness Wednesday submissions. Specifically, send an article or link about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health here. Upon review, then you’ll have a chance to be a guest blogger or featured if you’re a good fit! However, I’m open to other collaborations too.

Content Creators– Additionally, let’s create together! Also, send me special project requests.

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