Wellness Wednesday: 10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress By Wasifa Ahmad Hasan / Rosemary Lombardy

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It will be almost impossible to find someone without stress. It affects our everyday lives and creates a huge impact on our daily habits. It’s very common to develop negative habits as a way to cope with daily stress and disappointments. Some drown their sorrows in food or alcohol, others numb themselves in front of the television or complain endlessly to friends without making any effort to change their situation.

10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress

Rosemary Lombardy, a candid domestic abuse survivor, and an author, is going to discuss with readers of Sifa’s Corner how to manage stress and end the bad habits related to stress. We must learn how to change our bad habits effectively so that we do not get overwhelmed and discouraged.

What are the most common bad habits we develop during stress? 

Some degree of stress in our lives is normal and necessary to help motivate us to achieve our goals. Excessive levels of prolonged stress can trigger negative  coping mechanisms which commonly include immoderate caffeine consumption, smoking, drinking, compulsive spending, and emotional eating, among other bad habits. People respond differently to varying levels of stress, and some people have a much lower level of tolerance to it than others.

People dealing with too much stress can become overwhelmed with anxiety, develop high blood pressure or a racing heartbeat, suffer from insomnia, irritability, depression, or even strokes. Working mothers have to deal with much higher levels of stress once they have children, as they are, in most cases, the primary caretakers and must juggle multiple tasks. According to, mothers who have a job work on average 98 hours a week. It is no wonder that they feel overwhelmed.

How do these habits affect our stress levels?

 People initially experience relief from these bad habits, which is why they started relying on them to deal with their stress  in the first place, but the feeling of relief is temporary. These negative behaviors compound their problems, only adding to their stress levels and making it less bearable.

How to get rid of these bad habits?

Tackle one bad habit at a time

Plan for how to reach your goal

Be realistic

Get a support system

Reward yourself for reaching mini-goals

Stay positive

What are the 5 things you can recommend to manage stress?

Stop multi-tasking

Take frequent breaks

Take care of your body

Ask for help when you need it.

Let go of perfectionism

What is the most important advice you can give to a Sifa’s Corner reader who is battling with stress?

You do not have to be perfect or a superwoman. Just do the very best you can, that is all that you can ask of yourself. Start implementing some of the points I have given above to take care of yourself and improve your life. You deserve it!

About Rosemary:

Rosemary Lombardy is a financial advisor with over 35 years of experience and domestic abuse survivor. She is the founder of Breaking Bonds, a free resource for abused women, and author of Breaking Bonds: How to Divorce an Abuser and Heal- A Survival Guide.

About the Author:

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan has been blogging and sharing her insights for 9 years in Beauty, Healthy Lifestyle and Fashion. As a Dentistry graduate and Makeup artist, she combines the essence of healthy living and passion for beauty in her blog and social channels.

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Instagram: @sifascorner

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