Wellness Wednesday: Daily Positive Affirmations and Why You Want To Use Them by John Meeks

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Daily Positive Affirmations and Why You Want To Use Them by John Meeks

I wrote about the power of positive daily affirmations in a number of my earlier blog posts such as 23 Strategies To Survive and Stay Positive In a Toxic Work Environment as well as others. And I am sure you may have heard about positive affirmations in other blog posts, articles and social media memes and what-not. Positive affirmations have become popular in recent years because they are effective and there is some science to support this claim as I will talk about a little later.

There are many things to be successful, like I talked about in my post 21 Things To NOT do to be Successful, so affirmations are not the only thing you will need to do on your journey to success and well being, but positive daily affirmations are a vital step you will do well to make part of your daily routine.

What is a Daily Positive Affirmation?

A positive daily affirmation is a phrase, a mantra, you repeat to yourself every day that positively affirms something to be true. Affirmations should be kept to yourself. You definitely don’t want to repeat them loud enough for others to hear. Your affirmations should be repeated several times a day. Preferably morning right after you wake up, sometime during the afternoon, and in the evening before you go to sleep.


If you’ve been beaten down by life then you probably don’t have the most rosy outlook about life and about people in general. You no doubt have alot of negative emotions, thoughts and self-talk in your head. If that self-talk is left unchecked for too long it will eventually be damaging for you. So, positive affirmations can overcome the negative self-talk and thoughts by replacing them positive, life and success affirming self-talk and thoughts. If daily positive affirmations are done for a long enough time they will have a beneficial effect on your life as numerous famous and wealthy people have found out.

Mental and emotional health benefits aside, you may want to do positive affirmations because it puts a kind of energy out there in the universe, and the universe will respond to make it come true.


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Personally, I am a big believer that you can speak things into existence – for better or for worse. For example, my grandmother believed this as well. At one time after my grandfather passed away, she was almost completely broke, but despite that, she would not say she didn’t have money and she would not say she needed any. In fact, she would speak and act the opposite of being broke.

It wasn’t too long before my family and I found out her financial situation turned around. Years later, at a seminar I attended, the speaker told the audience that you should never, ever say you’re broke, even if you are (much like my grandmother believed). In fact, you should speak and act as if you are not broke and see what life, the universe, God (whatever you chose to believe in) does to change your circumstances.

So positive affirmations are an important tool in helping you to act and speak as if a certain thing to be true.


Positive affirmations are not just some feel good, made up nonsense perpetuated from motivational speakers, self-help gurus and bloggers like myself. Believe it or not, there is research to support the claims that affirmations are beneficial. I won’t go into details about the research because the researchers who published the findings are far better at explaining it than me. You can read more about it below:

Positive Daily Affirmations: Is There Science Behind It?
To Affirm or Not Affirm?



1) I am happy with myself, my life and I am proud of what I have accomplished
2) My life is fulfilling for me and I feel really happy with my life
3) I feel joy and abundance in my life and a tremendous sense of happiness
4) My life is satisfying and I happy, I feel satisfaction for what I’ve achieved in life
5) I am mentally and emotionally strong. I feel happiness everyday

Love & Relationship

1) I enjoy and value my time with my wife/husband
2) My relationship is uplifting and fulfilling for me and my partner
3) I seek first to love and understand my wife/husband/partner rather than jump to conclusions and argue
4) I am a wonderful person to be around and I am the type of person to attract my ideal partner
5) I treat others the way I expect to be treated
6) I love and respect myself and love and respect others


1) I am a hard and a productive worker who is valued by my company
2) I always have a positive and meaningful influence on my boss, co-workers and the company
3) My career and my prospects for advancement are always getting better. I will recognize these opportunities when they present themselves
4) I love doing the hardest task first
5) No matter how challenging the work and the environment, I will always thrive and survive
6) I am doing important work for my department and my company and I play an important and valued role in that work


1) I am confident that I will make the smartest and wisest business decisions
2) I embrace the challenges in my business endeavors and setbacks I take as a learning opportunity
3) I foster strong business relationships with everyone I work with and I add value to the relationship
4) My business is very successful and I am doing very well financially as a result of my business efforts
5) I am smart enough and wise enough to recognize exciting and lucrative business opportunities


1) Money is no problem for me. I am financially secure with abundance in my life
2) I make more than enough money mine and my family’s needs
3) I am happy, I am stress free when it comes to my finances
4) I am easily able to make and save money
5) I always make the right financial decisions and I am always responsible with my money
6) I attract money, opportunities and blessings in my life.

Health & Wellness

1) I am healthy, I feel healthy and I feel energetic and strong
2) I am healthy and strong and I always do the right things to benefit my health
3) I am receiving healing energy every day and feeling better all the time
4) I take care of myself, I make the right healthy choices everyday
5) My body is strong, it is healthy and I feel fantastic
6) I am strong, I am fit, I am getting healthier everyday

Thankfulness / Gratitude Affirmations

1) I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and I appreciate everything they have done to help me grow and achieve
2) I am thankful for my job, my source of income and all the abundance in my life.
3) I am thankful for my health, strength and vitality.
4) My life is fulfilling for me and I am grateful for everything I have in my life
5) I am thankful for my life, I am thankful for what I have, I am thankful for everyone who is part of my life, I am thankful for my well being
6) I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in life


The affirmations above are examples you can use or you can re-word and change in a manner you’re more comfortable with. Keep in mind you will be the one repeating them multiple times a day so they may as well be something you are comfortable with repeating.

When coming up with your own positive affirmations, make sure the whole statement/affirmation is positive and doesn’t have a negative portion to it, for example:


 “I always make the right and wise decisions to positively benefit my life in meaningful ways,”


 “I always make the right and wise decisions and I will never make the wrong decisions that will cause harm for me.”

No part of your affirmation should state a negative statement if possible. Affirmations are repeated daily; they go into your subconscious so you have to be careful what you are feeding you subconscious. The affirmation is about counteracting the self-doubting, destructive, negative thoughts in your mind so in order to do that, make the entire affirmation a completely positive statement.

Lastly, when coming up with your own affirmations, they should be specific and realistic. My examples above aren’t exactly specific, but rather generalized and they should be used in conjunction with specific affirmations such as “I will go to the gym to workout 3 days a week and I will lose 50 pounds by the end of the year.”


On aspect of positive daily affirmations you don’t often hear mentioned is visualization that should go along with the verbal statement. You should try to visualize yourself, your life, what you will feel like, etc. as a result of your affirmation. For example, if you are reciting a positive affirmation about financial success, you should try to imagine being wealthy, having allot of money in the bank, living in a nice house, driving a nice car, etc. Another example, if it is an affirmation about love and relationship success, you should try to visualize what your dream partner might look like or act like or what your ideal relationship will be like.


The rich and famous didn’t just get that way by accident. Many have used positive daily affirmations to their benefit as the examples below show:

Jim Carry
Before becoming a Star, he began believing in his eventual success through affirmations. Prior to stardom, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars for “acting services rendered”. He later stared in a major role in the movie Dumb and Dumber and was paid $10 million dollars for the part.

Denzel Washington
Used positive affirmations to get over his drinking and other problems.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
He used visualization to achieve his bodybuilding goals and later financial success. He is a believer in visualizing the life you want to have and who you want to be.

Jennifer Lopez
Long believer in affirmations to be successful. She uses affirmations to overcome the negativity she has faced in her career.

Oprah Winfrey
Went from being poor to one of the richest women in the world. Oprah is a huge believer in being positive. When she was growing up she watched her poverty stricken grandmother work hard, during which she repeatedly told herself she won’t be like this.

Will Smith
He believes in the law of attraction. He always believed he was a star long before becoming one. One of his favorite quotes is Confucius: “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”


Your path to success will entail doing a number of things, like hard work and persistence, but you will need the further advantage of positive daily affirmations and visualizations to give you that edge others won’t be using. Science shows there is something to affirmations, numerous successful people have used affirmations and you should too. Get started NOW!

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John believes that there are many people out there that craving whatever knowledge they can to improve their lives and get ahead which was a major motivation for the creation of his blog.

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