Why A Toned Body Achieves The Feminine Shape

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Most women can agree, they would rather have a toned body than a body that looks like it lives in the gym. Most women don’t want washboard abs, they want a toned midsection. Would you rather have curvy and full arms or would you rather have ripped and shredded arms? The former option is probably the one you’d sway more to. This is a natural desire for most women because being toned achieves what the classic female look is supposed to be. It’s feminine. It’s not bulky, it’s not ripped, it’s not disproportionate. In other words, it’s not a masculine shape and looks. If some women do want a more bodybuilder type of body, that’s fine too. To each their own. But if you’re one of the women that do want to have a slender, sleek and full-body shape, then being toned is something you need to achieve. 

Why A Toned Body Achieves The Feminine Shape

Aerobics and skincare

A toned body is always going to be one that looks seamless in terms of contours and shape. It’s smooth flowing lines that don’t protrude out and nor do they suddenly get sucked into the center of your body. To achieve a body that is shapely, you need to focus on pure aerobics. You don’t need any kind of weight such as a dumbbell. What you do need to do is be able to perform bodyweight exercises. Being able to do some pushups in high reps and small sets.

For example, you should be able to do push-ups of around 10 to 15 reps, but keep the sets low to around 2 or 3 a day. Any more than that and you will begin to create muscle rather than tone your arms and chest. Equally, you’ll need to focus on skincare and allow it to breathe while you workout. That means, drinking plenty of fluids and working up a sweat in your aerobics sessions. Sweating is a good sign you’re burning calories.

Healthy elastic skin

Another reason why a toned body is perhaps the most feminine look is that your skin becomes more elastic. When there’s more blood flowing through your skin, more oxygen is arriving and replacing the carbon dioxide. This creates a skin that can stretch but then bounce back into shape when you let go of it. However, those that have had untoned arms for a long time may have developed hanging skin. In that case, it’s an issue of essentially having too much skin in the area. That’s why you may need to read more information about arm lifts and how they can reset your arms back to normal. The procedure is quite common and scar management has become very adept in this particular surgical option.

Still retaining shape

Many women are conscious of not becoming too muscular so they stay away from some workouts. That’s understandable, but as mentioned, if you keep the reps high and light, but limit the sets, your body won’t begin to develop mass. You’ll still retain a feminine shape if you’re working out like this.

Focus on aerobics and proper skincare without products. Drink a lot of fluids, keep the workouts light and fast and pretty soon you’ll have a sleeker figure. 

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