Wellness Wednesday: Start Small with Strength Exercises by Leah Custer

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It only seems appropriate with the time of year to share some workout strategies and strength exercises. Many people decide on New Year’s “I’m going to live healthier”, “I’m going to work out”, “I’m going to lose weight”. The list is endless about losing weight or eating healthy and exercising. For real though, it will not happen overnight and you need to go easy on yourself. Start small and ENJOY it instead pushing too hard, getting overwhelmed and as a result giving up because it’s too hard. Here’s a thought… don’t make it too hard to begin with!

Start Small with Strength Exercises

In the venture of bouncing back from pregnancy for the 2nd time, it takes perseverance and it is important to remember that it takes time. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Get a day of rest in there, that’s about 40 minutes per day, 4 times per week. It can be hard to find, I know. Mine is about 30 minutes per day, 4 days per week. Let’s say cardio for 15-25 minutes and strength 10-15 minutes.

Here are Strength Exercises as a simple SMALL way to start.

Cardio – 20-25 minutes

Strength – 10-15 Minutes

**With strength start with 10 exercises, 10 repetitions, cycle through the workout one, and work your way up to doing it three times in one session. These are just a couple of samples. Pick one to focus on about 2-3 days a week in addition to your cardio workout! Pinterest is an amazing place to check out exercises with visuals! I look forward to posting videos of sample exercises soon!

– Bands –

  1. Bicep curls
  2. hold at 90 degree’s for 10 seconds
  3. pulse for 10 seconds.
  4. Tricep curls (stand on band, lift one end up behind head).
  5. Hold for 10 seconds at 90 degrees behind head.
  6. Pulse behind head for 10 seconds. 6. Sit and curl band around feet to do a rowing action
  7. With band around feet do bicep curls.
  8. Lunge position with band under front foot, lean forward and pull one end back up by side (triceps). Switch sides.
  9. Lunge position with band under front foot and put elbow on knee, do bicep curls. Switch sides.
  10. Stand on band and lift hands to hips with elbows back (triceps).

– Abs –

  1. Crunches
  2. Straight leg lifts (legs down to floor straight, and lift up straight)
  3. Butt Raises (with legs straight up, flat on back)
  4. Bend knees and lift legs up and down keeping them bent at 90 degree angle.
  5. Butt raises with feet flat on the floor lifting middle section up
  6. Bicycles
  7. Scissor kicks (10 seconds).
  8. Propped up on elbows bring knees into chest and back out flat.
  9. Flat on back with knees bent and arms down go side to side touching fingertips to heels.
  10. Prone hold for a count of 30.

Start small. 2 days per week. Build up to 3 days per week, and even 4 days. Rest is still equally as important so do not forget to get at least one day of rest between all of this exercise! Good luck, “don’t stop won’t stop!”

About the Author:

Leah is the owner of Saving Mama’s Sanity; a blog that supports mothers with their overall health and wellness along with parenting “talk”. She is a mother of two boys, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a dog mom to two crazy pups! Leah works full time as a project manager at a manufacturing company in a small town in Minnesota. She blogs part time with the desire to go full time. Leah is a health and wellness advocate and enjoys sharing with others so that they too, can live a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically! Being a mother is her all time favorite job, even though it does have ups and downs, she would not trade it for the world! 

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What are Your Fitness Goals? What Strength Exercises do you do?

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