6 Environmentally-Friendly Tips and Products To Be More Green: Earth Day 2019

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Earlier this week was Earth Day 2019! Who says saving the planet can’t be stylish?💕 Here are 6 environmentally-friendly tips and sustainable products I actually use! Please note: I’m not perfect and I’m not 100% as green as I could be, but I always make an effort to conserve and be as conscientious as possible #ThereIsNoPlanetB

#HBTblog Environmentally-Friendly Tips:

Help save the turtles and eliminate single-use plastic items such as straws. I got these cool reusable iridescent mermaid straws, they are are only $7.99, easy to clean (comes with cleaners), and they’re super pretty! Bring them to restaurants and remember to tell your waiteress/waiter that you BYOS (brought your own straw).

Take a refillable water bottle with you to your workout or when you’re out and about and just refill it at various available water fountains or sinks. Some even come with filters for a sanitary drinking experience like the Brita water bottles.


26 billion pounds of clothing and textiles go into landfills each year,
yet 95 percent could be reused or recycled!

I’m the type of girl who gets really excited when someone compliments my outfit and I get to say, “Thanks it was only $3 at the thrift-store!” Sometimes the clothes I find at Savers are cuter than the ones on the rack at retail! When you buy “pre-loved” clothes you save the environment and you can find cute outfits at amazing prices!


When buying groceries bring your own reusable totes and bags and ditch the single-use plastic bags.


Buy reusable makeup removing towels, and always try to buy cruelty-free makeup or makeup with natural ingredients.


This should go without saying, but if you are going out into nature PICK UP YOUR TRASH and leave in the same state as you found it or better!

Question of the Day: What do you do/use to help save the planet? 🌎🌈

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