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About Thuy
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Hello, I’m Thuy (pronounced Twee) the Admin/Owner of HONEYBUNNYTWEE.COM.

Officially, I started my blog in November 2018. Basically, my blog is about Wellness, Beauty and Creativity and Spreading Kindness like Glitter! Also, I feature guest bloggers on Wellness Wednesday.

In summary, I’m a 25 year-old Vietnamese American Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger from Connecticut. Without further ado, here’s more information about me:

My Aesthetic

Firstly, I’m obsessed with unicorns, pineapples, and anything sparkly, holographic, or iridescent. As a matter of fact, to me there’s no such thing as too much glitter!

My Non-Profit

From the Heart Racing Logo
Our mission is to create opportunities to inspire and promote lifelong fitness and wellness. We apply our passion and drive to raise funds for causes near and dear to our hearts.

In October 2019, my friends and I started a race directing and 503(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization called From The Heart Racing. We wanted to incorporate fitness and wellness with giving back to the community. With this in mind, From the Heart Racing is an official USATF running team and we host charity road races and fundraisers to raise money for causes near and dear to our hearts.

For the reason, the name ‘From the Heart Racing’ represents how we do everything with 100% dedication, passion, and how we put our entire hearts into what we do. We are dedicated to provide every racer with an opportunity to enjoy a memorable race day experience. Our goal is to create excitement leading up each event and a supportive environment for racers to achieve their best performance. For more information visit Fromtheheartracing.org.

Platelet Donor

About Thuy platelet donor

Approximately every two weeks, I donate platelets to the CT Red Cross. In 2019, I donated 24 times, the maximum number of times allowed annually.

Here’s a blog post about my platelet journey as well as reasons people donate from all over the country.


#perksofhavingacarpenterboyfriend I’m so impressed with this shot glass holder that Ryan O'Connor made me for my travel…

Posted by Thuy Linh on Wednesday, 23 January 2019

I’ve been to Australia, Spain, Mexico, and more. Additionally, I worked at a Study Abroad Office and encouraged my brother to study abroad in Japan.


#NationalUnicornDay 💖🦄🥊

Posted by Thuy Linh on Monday, 22 October 2018

Over a year ago, I started kickboxing. As a result, I’ve lost over 20lbs!


#NationalSiblingsDay #oldestoffive 👑👩🏻🧑🏻🧑🏻👦🏻👧🏻

Posted by Thuy Linh on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I’m the oldest of five. More Specifically, I have three younger brothers and one sister; Thien, Bao, Nguyen, and Diem.


In 2016, I graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Also, I was the Treasurer of a co-ed community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. In addition, I was also involved with the American Marketing Association, Women For Change, S.I.S (Strong Independent Sisters), and the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team.


About Thuy red dress smiling

I’m an ENFP or ‘campaigner‘ personality-type according to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Perception (P); Campaigners are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom. Also, Campaigners will spend a lot of time exploring social relationships, feelings and ideas before they find something that really rings true. But when they finally do find their place in the world, their imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results.

ENFP SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21): As strong leaders, Scorpio’s have powerful, passionate tendencies that align well with ENFP types’ energetic and spontaneous sideENFP Scorpios tend to see the potential in everything and try to live life to the fullest.

Eclectic Energies: Enneagram Type 8 – The Challenger with a wing of Type 7 – The Enthusiast.

In SHORT, I’ve got a big personality for a small person. See what I did there?

My Other Jobs

I’m a small business office manager of Natural Systems LLC, a tree removal company in Southington, CT. Also, on some weekends I time races with Greystone Racing. Previously, I’ve worked at various sales jobs, was a temp worker at a bank, and held administrative office jobs.

My Significant Other

I’m dating and living with my boyfriend, Ryan, a 38 year-old carpenter, marathon runner, and 3x Tough Mudder winner. In addition, I’m also his business manager and marketer! Specifically, we’ve been dating for over 3 years. We ironically met at a 5k that my community service fraternity created for SU2C (Stand Up To Cancer). So he not only won the race, but he also won a girlfriend.

Happy Vietnamese New Year 🐷❤️🎉 Emse Studios Tet in Boston Day Festival 2019 – Year of the Pig

Posted by Thuy Linh on Monday, 28 January 2019


too faced affiliate

I love makeup and am an affiliate for my favorite brand, Too Faced. Additionally, I have a Too Faced Affiliate link! Therefore, whenever you use my link (honeybunnytwee.com/toofaced) , promo code, or sign up you support me directly at no additional cost.

I love tying new beauty products. In fact, I get free makeup in exchange for post and reviews via Influenster, read more and join! (honeybunnytwee.com/joininfluenster). However, I don’t like the concept of testing makeup on animals. With this in mind, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to do my research first and only buy from cruelty-free beauty brands and companies.

Wine/Beer Lover

Before, I used to drink wine based on how pretty the bottle was. In reality, the most beautiful wines can be disappointing. In other words, don’t judge a wine by its bottle. However, I’m pretty adventurous and not afraid to try something new! In general, I’m a fan of red wines and visiting new breweries. Moreover, I’m very open to trying crazy flavored beers and and fun cocktails.

Building my Brand

thuy honeybunnytwee business card

This girl means business[CARD]! Honeybunnytwee

Your smile is your LOGO your PERSONALITY is your BUSINESS CARD, and how you leave people feeling after an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK.”

-Jay Danzie

Last but not least, I’m true to myself and am authentic. For instance, I never promote any product or service that I wouldn’t use myself. I use my social media for good; I typically spread positive and motivational messages. Also, I try to empower and support others in my social media community and in my offline life. For this reason, I love collaborating and interacting with other fellow fans, brands, and creatives!

Social Media

FOLLOW ME! Email for business inquiries or collabs.

Additionally, If you like and support my blog please donate to @honeybunnytwee on Patreon, Venmo, or Paypal. Basically, all funds will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of my website.

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Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself! Tell me something fun about you! Looking forward to meeting you❣️ -XOXO Thuy

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