About Thuy

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About Thuy

Hello, welcome to my blog. I’m Thuy (pronounced Twee) the Admin/Blogger at HONEYBUNNYTWEE.COM.💖🍯🐰

Officially, I started blogging in November 2018. Basically, my blog is about the Wellness, Beauty and Creativity of my twee, honey bunny life. Also, I feature guest bloggers for a series called Wellness Wednesday.

To sum up, I’m Thuy, a 24 year-old Vietnamese American aspiring beauty/lifestyle blogger from Southington, CT. Without further ado, here’s some facts about me!

I’m obsessed with unicorns and anything sparkly, holographic, or iridescent ✨🦄

I donate platelets to the Red Cross as often as possible (every two weeks) because I hate cancer ❤️

Today I brought my own unicorn neck-pillow, does anyone else bring anything of their own pillows and stuff to donate or am I just being extra? 😂🦄✨😜American Red Cross Connecticut

However, who doesn’t hate cancer?

I’ve traveled to Australia, Spain, Mexico, and more and collect travel shot glasses

I’ve been doing kickboxing for almost a year 🥊

As a result, I’ve lost over 20lbs from it!

I’m the oldest of five 👑👩🏻🧑🏻🧑🏻👦🏻👧🏻

I graduated from the University of Hartford 🎓

In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.

I’m an ENFP personality-type 💃🏻

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In short, I’ve got a lot of personality for a small person. You see what I did there?

I’m dating a 38 year-old carpenter, marathon runner, and 3X Tough Mudder winner 🏃🏻

In addition, I’m also his business manager and marketer!

I love makeup and am an affiliate for my favorite brand, Too Faced💄💋

too faced affiliate

Additionally, I have a Too Faced Affiliate link! Therefore, whenever you use my linkpromo code, or sign up you support me directly at no additional cost to you. Thank you, I really appreciate it!

I drink wine solely based on how pretty the bottle is🍷

Obviously, don’t judge a wine by its bottle, but always try something new!

Eventually, I want to run my own business one day so I’m working hard on building my own unique brand! Therefore, thanks for supporting me and my passions!

thuy honeybunnytwee business card

This girl means business[CARD]! Honeybunnytwee

Your smile is your LOGO your PERSONALITY is your BUSINESS CARD, and how you leave people feeling after an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK

Jay Danzie

Social Media

Most importantly, FOLLOW ME on SOCIAL MEDIA and email me at honeybunnytwee@gmail.com for business inquiries / collabs.

Additionally, if you like my content and support what I do please make whatever donation you feel in your heart is right (https://www.patreon.com/honeybunnytwee)!

Overall, thank you so much and I look forward to blogging and interacting with other fellow fans/brands/creatives!

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself, tell me something fun about you! Looking forward to meeting you❣️ -XOXO Thuy


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