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Instagram @honeybunnytwee

Thuy (pronounced ‘Twee’) has used Instagram for personal use for over 7 years. As of 2017, she started using her personal account to become a micro-influencer by creating original content and collaborating with brands. In 2018, she started her own personal blog on honeybunnytwee.com and converted her personal Instagram into a business account. She’s steadily building her brand on social media and engages with her followers as an aspiring beauty and lifestyle blogger.

She is open to promoting philanthropic and charitable causes, is a regular platelet donor to the American Red Cross, loves attending local events around CT, and is working on her fitness goals by doing kickboxing. Also, she loves trying new things and having adventures and only promotes brands, products, and people she is genuinely passionate about. In a nutshell she is: a passionate, conscientious, and adventurous suburban princess / part-time unicorn

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OVERALL REACH 17.6 K (Updated: 5/6/19)

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(Updated: April 30, 2019) @HONEYBUNNYTWEE FOHR ACCOUNT

Examples of Brands I’ve Worked With

As of today, these are a few of the brands that I have had the privilege to work with. Most importantly, these are products and brands that align with my personal values and style.

Air Sense

Bling Sting


Michael Todd Beauty



BrandsEmail proposals for product exchange or paid posts to
Writers/Bloggers– Send me an article or link to a blog post about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health at honeybunnytwee@gmail.com. Upon review, you’ll have a chance to be featured if you’re a good fit! I’m always looking for more Wellness Wednesday submissions. However, I’m open to other collab ideas as well.


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