My Platelet Donation Journey (Infographic) and “I Donate Because…” by Thuy-Linh Phan

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Hello everyone, my name is Thuy (pronounced Twee) and I donate platelets at the Connecticut American Red Cross in Farmington, CT. If you don’t know the difference between a whole blood donation and platelet donation you can read more on the Red Cross website here. Here’s an infographic about my platelet journey, thus far as well as the reasons people donate from all over the country:

My Platelet Donation Journey

My Platelet Donation Journey (plus Infographic)by Thuy-Linh Phan platelets

Why I Donate Platelets:

My Platelet Donation Journey (Infographic) and "I Donate Because..." by Thuy-Linh Phan

“Kindness is love in action, I just want to help make a positive difference in the world and spread kindness like glitter! “

Thuy, CT

Let’s hear it, Why are YOU a Platelet Donor?

Whether you’ve only donated platelets once or you’ve been donating for decades, I’d love to hear your reasons why. Let’s see if we can get an answer from all 36 states with a platelet donation center!

If you’re already a Platelet Donor, I’d love to add your reason why to this list! I’m part of this awesome Facebook group called the “American Red Cross Platelet Donors Group” and here are a few of their answers to

“I Donate Because…”

My Platelet Donation Journey (Infographic) and "I Donate Platelets Because..." by Thuy-Linh Phan
*States with no donation centers: AK, CO, DE, FL, HI, LA, MS, NV, NM, ND, RI, SD, TX, WV, WY


“I donate because I can! As long as there is a need, I will spend time in the chair.”

Kerri, AL

Alaska (No donation centers)


“To save lives!”

Elena, AZ

“because I can I’m needed I’m vital and I enjoy helping somebody”

Spencer, AZ


“I donate because I can!”

Linda, CA

“I had a sister that I loved very much. I donated marrow to her when she needed it and would have gladly donated an arm or a leg or anything else if necessary. Although the treatment didn’t work for her, I hope that by continuing with platelet donations, I can somehow make a positive difference in someone else’s fight against cancer.”

Gary, CA

“I donate because I was curious about the apheresis process after a while blood donation 20 years ago. After my first platelet donation, I met a recipient who was fighting leukemia and after he mentioned he would be dead if not for donors, I decided I would be a plateleteer as frequently as I could. Since then, I’ve known other recipients who have needed platelets and whose lives have been extended or saved by them.”

Tom, CA

“I donate because I love that I’m able to share a life-saving part of me that I will regenerate in a day or so (I do triples) and I have no side effects whatsoever.”

Kathleen, CA

“I donate platelets because I can make more.”

Delia, CA

Colorado (No donation centers)


” I found myself a bit star-struck by people who can do this, and then I remembered there is no reason not to be one of them, Do what you admire others for doing.”

Hyter, CT

“I donate because so many can’t and because so many people depend on us. It’s a selfless act that makes me feel good about what I’ve done.”

Adam, CT

“I donate because I’m lucky to be a very healthy individual, and it’s worthwhile to help others become healthy again.”

Vic, CT

“I donate because a loved one was diagnosed with leukemia. I didn’t feel it was fair that she had to spend so much time at the hospital. And this is my little way of giving back. After donating whole blood a couple times, the kind nurses at the Red Cross educated me on how much more of an impact that I could make with donating platelets since I’m AB+. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I’m happy to relax and watch a movie while helping others.”

Cassie, CT

“I have a naturally high platelet count and the time available to make the donations, so I’m maximizing the good I can do.”

Cindy, CT

“I donate because I’d like to I’m able to help others make more memories with their loved ones.”

Matt, CT
ceiling tiles painted by patients at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Platelets

“I’m blessed to be able to donate in Farmington CT. I’m also inspired every time by the ceiling tiles painted by patients at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.”

Sandra, CT

Florida (No donation centers)

Delaware (No donation centers)


“I donate because I can. It’s a potentially life saving gift that costs me nothing but a few hours time. I’m thankful that my body produces triples so it makes my donation that much more rewarding for me.”

Cheryl, GA

” I donate because a friend who knew I had been a blood donor persuaded me. She is now a breast cancer survivor. Another friend has a child who needed many transfusions as a preemie, and is now a happy, healthy 9yr old. I had skin cancer 39 yrs ago so I’m a survivor and now cancer kicker.”

Bill, GA.

“I donate in honor of my late Fiancé, and to help the ones who can’t help themselves.”

Bryan, GA

Hawaii (No donation centers)


“I donate platelets because most don’t want to spend that much time in the chair with needles in their arms if they don’t have to. A running friend’s 16 year old daughter used 86 or 87 units in about 2 weeks and they saved her life. She is in her 1st year of college. Did my 340th today in Boise, ID. I still have 2 goals, 400 donations for 50 gallons by donations and not units. 2nd is 539 donations to get 1 more unit then George James challenged me to reach 6 months before he passed away at the age of 87. ID has 5 people over 400 donations and 4 still alive and counting.”

Andrew, ID


“Originally from MN, I usually donate in Peoria, IL. I donate to try to give back, pay it forward. I’ve never had cancer or anything like that. I also drive for the Red Cross. It’s all my way of giving back, volunteering my time and donating platelets”

David, IL


“I donate in memory of my Mother and Father….Great Grandma… Grandma …. Aunt… Uncle…. Cousin… several friends… and currently 3 friends that has Cancer… I know how important Platelets are to a Cancer patient… it gives them a chance to be with they’re families longer and some cases as with my Sister a 20 year Breast cancer survivor… thanks to Blood and Platelets Donors…. yesterday was my 196th donation in honor of fighting the fight against Cancer”

Lori, IN

“I donate because it is my duty as a woman of the Lord and as a family member and friend of those who have been touched by cancer and other critical illnesses.”

April, IN

” I donate because I want to save lives even tho I don’t like needles I still do it because one it helps you and feel better one you have donated two you helped saved 3 lives in I’ve small amount of time.”

Ariel, IN


” We have so many people on our prayer list at church dealing with cancer. I know prayer helps & I pray for each of them. But there is more we can all do. We can donate platelets as often as possible.”

Karen, IA


“I donate to save the lives of people I’ll never meet”

Erick, KS

“I donate to “pay it back.” I used the donations of others when I was on chemo. I am in remission now and will keep donating until I can’t.”

Linda, KS


“I donate because it is the right thing to do! It is an easy, selfless random act of kindness!”

Josh, KY

“I donate because I can give someone a life saving need. All it takes isn’t time. This is truly a time when it much better to give than receive. We need to do this when we can for others.”

Rick, KY

Louisiana (No donation centers)


“Forced down time. Chill out, watch a movie with nothing to do but squeeze the squishie”

Paul, ME


“I donate so people will tell me how wonderful I am.”

Mark, MD

“I donate because it’s an easy way to help someone by just giving a few hours twice a month or wherever I can.”

Mary, MD


“I donate because I am able”

John, MA

“I donate because my dad got sick with meylo fibroses and when he was in the hospital he would receive 2, 3 and sometimes 4 – 6packs of platelets a week. Now I know how important donating platelets really is to cancer and leukemia patients’. I saw it 1st hand.”

John, MA


I donate because God has blessed me with a wonderful life, good health & good veins!

Kathy, MI


“I donate because I am able to and it feels right.”

Sandrea, MN

Mississippi (No donation centers)


“I donate platelets because I lost a close friend to leukemia. He received platelets which helped him fight. His name was Jim D. I donate platelets to help somebody’s Jim D.”

Julie, MO

“I’m not able to give financially as much as I’d like to, but giving blood and platelets has an immediate result. People stay alive longer!!!”

Catherine, MO

“Hello, I originally started donating whole blood after our son was on the neonatal ER because he came early and I was CMV negative, meaning my blood could be given to young children. My son is now 26. I switched to platelets this year knowing I could have a bigger impact with donation of platelets.”

Steve, MO


“It is the right thing to do.”

Chad, MT


“I donate because it is a way for me to help others. I may not see the results but I believe that my donation makes a difference to someone.”

Chris, NE

“My older brother used to work at a children’s hospital and he mentioned that he started donating platelets because he sees so many sick children that need them… when he told me that- I knew I needed to

I donate because I never want to take my health or the health of my children for granted. We are so blessed- health and happiness. If my children or I needed platelets- I would hope that someone had donated so we could have them.”

Kay, NE

New Hampshire

“I donate because I have family members who are still with me because of blood transfusions they received. I want to do my part to help pay it forward to others in need.”

Kristen, NH

New Jersey

“I donate Platelets because, I been Blessed with good health. And this is my way to help others in need. And I get back the good feeling of helping others.”

Tim, NJ

New Mexico (No donation centers)

New York

“For all the wrongs committed during my life, I’m trying to do something right!!!!”

Jan, NY

“…me and my family are relatively healthy, so I feel that I should share my good health with those less fortunate in this area of life. I feel it’s everyone’s obligation in life to help others, and this is a great way to do that. I give out of gratitude that no one in my life needs these products to survive!”

Christine, NY

“I donate because I watched my sister-in-law and more recently, my wife battle cancer. I saw first-hand the amazing impact platelets have on patients going thru chemo. It was like Popeye eating spinach. They both lost their fight with cancer, but I greatly appreciated the donors that helped my wife and sister-in-law. Now it is my turn to help.”

Jay, NY

 “I donate because I can.”

Bhot, NY

North Carolina

“I donated because it is way I can help those who fight cancer on their journey.”

Sharon, NC

“I donate because my platelets can save lives!”

Elizabeth, NC

North Dakota (No donation centers)


“I donate because I am able to and have the time to donate.”

Diane, OH

“I donate because I am a volunteer for Camp Quality, which is a camp for kids with cancer, and once had a camper who also played goalie on a soccer team, same as I was, but had to play with a plastic bowl duct taped over his chemotherapy shunt. He needed platelets for an upcoming bone marrow transplant, and I was hooked.”

Tom, OH

” I donate so God can use my Platelets and the Red Cross to bless people I will never meet. Approx 714 people in at least 6 states: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. ”

Bruce, OH


“I donate because I have something I can give away freely to people who need it to save their lives. Why wouldn’t I do that?!”

Simone, Ok


“I donate because I can help more people more often than WB [with blood]. My father also goes for chemo. My sister does the WB so we cover those bases. “

Melissa, OR


“I donate because there is ALWAYS a need for blood and we shouldn’t have patients wait to receive help!”

Judy, PA
I donate platelets because - Harris Levine
Harris Levine, PA

“I donate because I can. It is the right thing to do. If I don’t donate who will. I like to lead by example. Use any one or all of these… Started donating as a HS student in Brooklyn, NY. Well over 500 units and 50 gallons ago.”

Harris, PA

Rhode Island (No donation centers)

South Carolina

“I donate because I can. Many can’t. My wife can’t. She said I should. Many need.”

Larry, SC

South Dakota (No donation centers)


“I give because I can, and donors gave my father a few more years on earth. In the late eighty’s I changed from whole blood to platelets. Over 5 years ago my wife was given “liquid gold” and is now cancer free. I thank God and all the donors that help people we will never know…”

Robert, TN

“I donate because I can. I’m healthy, have platelets to spare, and have the time. I can’t take them with me and they can help someone today.”

Joanne, TN

“I donate because a friend of my wife is fighting leukemia and needs platelets.

I’ve been a blood and double red donor previously and I switched to donating platelets for about 4 years since her friend’s diagnosis. Hit my 75 donation pin a couple of months ago.

Pressing on toward 100!”

Dana, TN
 Shaun Brennan, United States Blood Donation Hall of Fame, Class of 2016,  My Platelet Donation Journey (Infographic) and "I Donate Because..."
Shaun Brennan, United States Blood Donation Hall of Fame, Class of 2016

“It’s All About Saving Lives”

Shaun, TN.

Texas (No donation centers)


“I donate because people like my sister with leukemia depend on this life saving gift.”

Rachel, UT


“I donate because it’s 2.5 hours of completely guilt-free Netflix, I like the snacks, the people at my Red Cross in Burlington VT are amazing. Helping people is a bonus! It’s one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday!”

Susan, VT


 “I donate because it helps people.”

Jan, VA

“I donate because unlike a money donation, I know that my blood or platelets will directly help someone in their medical healing. I feel incredibly grateful for my health and so I feel like it’s my privilege and duty to donate.”

Sarah, VA


“I donate in memory of my dad and to pay it forward!”

Missy, WA

West Virginia (No donation centers)


” I also donate because I can.” 

Deb, WI

“I donate because my cousin died from complications of aplastic anemia at only 30 years old. She received many many transfusions over the 8 years she was ill. I do it in her memory.”

Shannon, WI

Wyoming (No donation centers)

Bonus: Washington D.C.

“I donate because as an AB+ donor my platelets are more beneficial than my blood and both my dad and father-in-law have battled leukemia”

Marianne, Washington, D.C .

Still Missing:

AL- Alabama HI- Hawaii* MA- Massachusetts NM- New Mexico* SD- South Dakota*
AK- Alaska* ID- Idaho MI- Michigan NY- New York TN- Tennessee
AZ- Arizona IL- Illinois MN-Minnesota NC- North Carolina TX- Texas*
AR- Arkansas IN- Indiana MS- Mississippi* ND- North Dakota* UT- Utah
CA- California IA- Iowa MO- Missouri OH- Ohio VT- Vermont
CO- Colorado* KS- Kansas MT- Montana OK- Oklahoma VA- Virginia
CT- Connecticut KY- Kentucky NE- Nebraska OR- Oregon WA- Washington
DE- Delaware* LA- Louisiana* NV- Nevada* PA- Pennsylvania WV- West Virginia*
FL- Florida* ME- Maine NH- New Hampshire RI- Rhode Island* WI- Wisconsin
GA- Georgia MD- Maryland NJ- New Jersey SC- South Carolina WY- Wyoming*
*States with no donation centers: AK, CO, DE, FL, HI, LA, MS, NV, NM, ND, RI, SD, TX, WV, WY

AR- Arkansas

If you are a platelet donor from one of these missing places please message me your answer the prompt “I donate because…” and [(First name), from (State)]. Thank you in advance!

Contact me at [email protected]!

Thank you for reading my blog post! Hopefully this has convinced you to look into donating platelets or recruiting others to support the cause!

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