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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “10 WAYS TO COPE WHEN A LOVED ONE COMMITS SUICIDE” by Jasmine Wyrick

This is part three of the #WellnessWednesday Blogger series. This week’s topic is 10 Ways To Cope When A Loved One Commits Suicide from the perspective of Jasmine Wyrick Continue reading

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “My Seasonal Affective Disorder” by Sophia Garner

This is part two of the #WellnessWednesday Blogger series. This week’s topic is Seasonal Affective Disorder from the perspective of Sophia Garner Continue reading

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Why Self-Care Is Critical To Your Health” by Brad Krause

Self-care is our way of taking care of our own needs so we can live out our lives in the happiest way possible. Continue reading

Fall To-Do List

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to get this party started! Here is a list of fall activities for you to try. Let’s see if you can do them all! Continue reading

Disney Karaoke 🎤🎵🎶 DIY Costumes WALL-E and EVE

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