5 Ways To Glow Up Post-Quarantine

5 Ways To Glow Up Post-Quarantine
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After the year we have all been having, now is the best time to start working on some self love. As lockdown rules are easing and the end of the road is looking nearer, what better to focus on than your post-quarantine glow up and we’ve got the top tips for you.

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Can Your Computer Screen Damage Your Skin As You Write?

If you’re a writer, you typically spend a long time staring at computer screens. You sit there for hour after hour, pondering, typing, and transferring ideas from your brain to a digital medium. 

As you do so, however, the backlight from the screen shines on your face. And all that light radiation hits your skin, potentially damaging it and leading to health issues. 

In the 21st century, we’re used to the idea that light and skin don’t mix very well. Everyone slathers themselves in SPF before they leave the house in the morning, just in case an errant UV ray smashes their DNA and causes skin cancer. 

But what about indoors risks, like computer screens? Could they damage the skin too? And if so, what should writers do? 

Computer Screens Are Probably Safe

Can Your Computer Screen Damage Your Skin As You Write? Computer Screens Are Probably Safe - Honeybunnytwee
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Researchers have asked these questions and generally concluded that computer screens are safe. Most do not emit UV light. This applies to all forms of backlights – including those emitted by LEDs. 

However, some suggest that computer screens could still damage the skin by emitting “high energy blue light,” sometimes called HEV for short

We don’t typically think of blue light as harmful. And in the quantities we get in nature, it usually isn’t. But please note that blue light is more energy-dense than red or orange, making it potentially more harmful. 

Light is quantized, meaning that it arrived in packets of energy that reach the skin. One argument says that some energy is enough to knock molecules off DNA strands, damaging cells, and leading to lasting damage. Other lines of evidence suggest that this is not the case, so the jury is still very much out on this matter. 

Unlock The Power Of Your Skin To Repair

While the science of using a monitor all day long still isn’t clear, it’s always a good idea to protect and nourish your skin using SPF. 

Furthermore, researchers now believe that it is also possible to activate the skin’s innate capacity to repair itself. The way hyaluronic acid skin cream works, for instance, is by targeting the repair machinery in cells and using it to enhance the appearance of the skin similar to a chemical peel. 

There are other highly effective compounds too. For instance, a lot of people use rosehip essential oil to keep their skin supple and soft.

Keep Screen Time To A Minimum

In general, you should try to keep screen time to a minimum if you’re worried about this issue. So instead of doing all of your research on the internet for your next book, you could print off or buy physical copies of the material and study them instead, 

Get A Blue Light Filter

A cheaper and simpler method is to simply use a blue light filter while you work. This software stops screens from emitting so much blue light, making images appear yellower and slightly darker.

If you still find yourself having trouble with your skin, moisturizing daily and see if that helps. Also, use face serums in problem areas, like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. 

What are Your Thoughts About Computer Screens and their Effect on Skin?

My On the Nightstand Interview on VERYKEMI

On the Nightstand

**** Originally Published  By Verykemi ****

25 year old Thuy-Linh (pronounced twee-lin) is from Connecticut. She is a Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger, a small business office manager, and a co-owner of a nonprofit organization ‘From the Heart Racing‘. Check out her instagram (@honeybunnytwee) and blog (honeybunnytwee.com)!

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Switching Your Skincare For Summer

When the warm weather hits, you gladly swap your heavy sweaters for tank tops, exchange your boots for strappy sandals and the fluffy duvet for something a bit more lightweight.

But what about your skincare routine? Do you change that up in the summer, or do you stick to the same routine all through the year?

Here, we look at some of the things you might want to do to make sure your skin is sorted for summer.

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Wellness Wednesday: The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

This article is originally posted on HigherDOSE.com

The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is one of the best ways to stimulate clarity and increase an overall sense of happiness.

Take moments to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To make the most of your me-time, create a ritual of consistent practices—routine habits that are nourishing and motivating and can be realistically sustained.

To get you started, we’ve curated the ultimate self-care ritual, specially designed to soothe and improve. Plus, a few of our favorite products

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Wellness Wednesday: How Does CBD Affect The Immune System by Rachel Hudson

How Does CBD Affect The Immune System by Rachel Hudson

Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels

In the past months, due to coronavirus pandemic, we are focused a lot on finding ways to boost our immune systems.  Among good products that exist on the market, there is one that is lately often mentioned as highly beneficial – CBD oil for the immune system.

The topic of immune health isn’t new. We often hear doctors and other experts tell us to exercise regularly and eat nutritious and balanced meals to ensure that our immune system is in good condition.

However, most of us don’t give much thought to the immune system when it functions adequately. But when the invader enters and makes us sick, we get the signal that there is a problem, and we start looking for ways to improve our defense system. Most of us grew up being told vitamin C, ginger, shark liver oil, etc. are excellent immune boosters. This is all true, but lately, a relatively new product draws a lot of attention – CBD oil for the immune system.

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Wellness Wednesday: Self Care Stretch [ Yoga Video ] by Helen Faliveno

This week, we’re experimenting with a new format for Wellness Wednesday Guest Posts: a Yoga Video. Here’s an easy stretch and breathe session, that anyone could follow along to at any time of the day.

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A Message From Miranda

Hello everyone, happy #WellnessWednesday! I know it’s a crazy time right now and in lieu of the regularly scheduled Wellness Wednesday Guest Post, I’d like to feature a post written by Miranda K Smith that she shared in one of our mutual Facebook groups. She has her own Facebook group called, Wake up Wellness! Also check out her TikTok and Instagram account @mirandakhealth. PS: This post took her an hour to write, so if you made it til the end drop some love in the comments!

Here’s Miranda’s post:

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Wellness Wednesday: Pilates: Strengthening from the Inside Out by Kat Spinnler

When I explain my job to people, I occasionally get a blank stare. “You teach Pilates? Never heard of it.” “It’s a bit like Yoga,” I say, to nods of recognition. “Only with more focus on the core and your posture.”While Yoga has been around for millennia, Pilates is a newer form of exercise, founded by a German physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, in the early to mid 20th century. But what is the focus of the technique and why should you do regular Pilates classes? 

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Final Thoughts on Always Eat After 7PM

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Final Thoughts on Always Eat After 7PM
***This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own.***

Welcome to the fourth and final post for Always Eat After 7PM. Here I will share my final thoughts about following this plan for the last three weeks.

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