Wellness Wednesday: 30 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Want to Workout by Anna Hallai

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30 Things to do When You Don’t Want To Workout

Let me give it to you straight; you’re not going to wake up everyday wanting to hit the gym or go for a run. Most days, you’ll probably dread even thinking about working out. On these days, I have to remind myself why I workout, how good I feel when I do, and sometimes that does the trick. However, that’s not always the case. You have to motivate yourself to keep going and when that’s not enough, I’ve got 30 things you can do when you don’t want to workout.

30 things to do when you don’t want to workout by Anna Hallai
Photograph via Scott Webb on Unsplash

When I don’t feel like working out, I can…

1. Take a quick walk with a friend.

2. Go on Pinterest & look at some workout motivation quotes. This always gets me ready to workout.

3. Tell myself that I just need to do a 10 minute workout. This usually leads me to actually doing a full workout.

4. Take the dog for a walk. In my case, take the six ducks, two cats, and the dog.

5. Ask a friend to go to the gym. Working out in partners to complain about working out is way more fun.

6. Do heavy cleaning at the house (vacuum, mop, you know, all those chores we hate).

7. Find a new workout to do. If you don’t normally go swimming or ride a bike, go do those things! Maybe you just need to mix up your routine.

8. Look up quick workouts on YouTube. There are tons of options and you know, just do one.

9. Create a playlist with your favorite music that gets you motivated to move.

10. Think of all of the reasons that a workout would make you feel awesome. I totally have a workout I named “perky boobies” in my Happy Planner.

11. Get up an hour earlier. Trick your brain into doing your workout before you’re really awake and aware of what you’re doing.

No Need to NAMASTAY in Bed

Photograph via Form on Unsplash

12. Do something very light if you’re really not feeling it, like yoga or stretching.

13. Put on music and dance with your kids.

14. Create a Pandora Station with the year you graduated high school and dance to that music because it’s funny.

15. Grab small weights and do a quick arm workout.

16. Do squats every time you have to go to the bathroom throughout the day.

17. Do a step challenge on FitBit with your coworkers and push yourself to beat them.

I have a FitBit too, challenge me: @honeybunnytwee

18. Try on your “skinny” clothes in the morning. Remember how badly you want those to fit again.

19. Do a workout at home instead of going to the gym. Sometimes the hardest part is actually leaving to go to the gym.

20. Walk with your kids to the park. Force yourself to play tag with them.

21. Call a friend that you know will encourage you to workout.

22. Think about why you started. Look at progress photos of where you came from and where you’re at now. That’s motivation enough.

23. Take a drink of wine every time you think about not wanting to workout. That’s an arm workout, right? Kidding. Sorta.

24. Buy yourself new workout clothes. You’ll be excited to wear them.

25. While you’re at it, get yourself new shoes to wear to the gym.

26. Turn on your favorite TV show and make a workout up while you watch it. I’m a Grey’s Anatomy lover, so I would do sit ups anytime Meredith says McDreamy, do push ups when someone makes fun of George, and do jumping jacks when Alex says “whatever.” Make it fun.

27. Go to a class that makes workouts fun. Kickboxing, Spin Classes, and Zumba are a few of my favorites.

28. If you love the outdoors, go for a hike. The scenery and fresh air will trick you into thinking you’re not getting a workout.

29. Play with your kids. When I’m behind on my steps I make my kids chase me to catch up. My kids think it’s pretty funny too.

30. JUST DO IT. You’ll feel so much better.

Final Thoughts

Excercise is hard, but the only way to make it a habit is to do it consistently. Just get yourself moving, even if it’s only for a few minutes. You’ll be happy you did it.

In the words of Elle Woods…

Until next time,

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30 things to do when you don’t want to workout by Anna Hallai

Anna Hallai is the author and blogger of Wine Down Community. A self-care, style and fitness blog where she inspires you to make yourself a priority and encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Anna is originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is planning to move to sunny Florida in the next few years. Winters are a little crazy there, so she’s ready for some sunshine. Anna’s favorite hobbies are running, practicing self-care, drinking wine with friends, and enjoying her time with her family. Did I mention she has six ducks? 

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17 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: 30 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Want to Workout by Anna Hallai

  1. Working out is a necessity for everyone. There needs to be exercise in one form or another. Besides the obvious health benefits it does so much for relieving stress and anxiety. These tips are great. For me it’s getting up early and getting to the gym before work. Once I am done working I am done for the day. Also mixing it up and changing workouts keeps it interesting.

    1. This is so true! I definitely like to mix up my workouts to keep things interesting so I don’t end up getting bored. I just incorporated some strength training to my workout routine and I am excited for the results.

  2. Great list of ideas. I know I find it difficult to get motivated sometimes but usually I am in the middle of listening to one of my audiobooks and really want to know what happens next so I tell myself that I can’t listen until I start a work-out. That usually gets me going! I also like this wine drinking/arm workout idea, that sounds pretty legit to me! Ha!

    1. Oh my gosh, that’s such a good idea! I’ll have to try that sometime too! And the wine idea made me laugh super hard, totally me though! #motivatedbywine

  3. Great suggestions to get the motivation going – it’s really hard sometimes. But I’ll never say no to a nice walk in the woods or on the beach

    1. Absolutely! Walking where it’s scenic always makes working out so much better! We live close by the lake, so I try to go for my runs by there every chance I get!

  4. Great list for people who doesn’t really like working out. I love it so it only takes a start for me but I know I am a minority. Definitely sharing your post with lazy friends

    1. Thank you so much! I know I was never really a huge fan of working out either. I have to talk myself into doing it most days, so this list is totally helpful for me too! Thank you for sharing with your friends. I super appreciate it!

  5. ‘Working out’ doesn’t have to be strenuous. I love your suggestions of ways to incorporate fitness into daily life. Taking the dog for a walk, playing tag with your kids and having a dance party. For me, today a ‘workout’ didn’t fit into my day but I did take a nice walk on the beach while I waited to pick up my son.

    1. Awww. That’s awesome! I love trying to incorporate fitness into my everyday life when I can. Life gets busy, so having ways to quickly get a little physical activity is perfect!

  6. These are really simple things that are working out but don’t feel like working out .genius!
    I try to get a few 10 min sessions of yoga into my day. It makes me feel refreshed and stretched ! My kids love yoga too so we do it together with YouTube.

    1. Oh I LOVE yoga! I didn’t even think about having my kids do yoga with me, so I’m going to have to do that for sure! I know YouTube has SO many options for workouts these days. It’s definitely one of my go-to’s when I’m trying to mix it up a bit!

  7. I dont workout. But I like to dance every now and then and I walk everyday. I also follow portion sized eating and limit junk food. 🙂

  8. My favorite thing to do when I am not motivated is to change up my workout routine. Sometimes it is necessary, especially when progress isn’t being made. Love some of these tips! I’ll definitely try out a few new ones. Especially number 26. I hadn’t heard that one before, but I like the idea of really making it fun.

  9. Great thoughts! Although, for me, I’d consider a lot of these workouts. I enjoy walking or hiking in state or national parks , especially since you can go at your own pace.

  10. Lovely suggestions for keeping ourselves fit all the time. I think I will use your list as a guide for myself from now on.

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