Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers Archive

Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers

Here’s the complete list of Wellness Wednesday guest bloggers. This list will be updated with new authors and posts. Here are past topics from other guest bloggers. However, I’m willing to repeat topics if you can offer a new or unique perspective.

Previous Topics

  1. Self-Care: Brad Krause of selfcaring.info.
  2. Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder: Sophia Garner of cuppateawithsoph.
  3. Coping with a Loved One’s Suicide: Jasmine Wyrick of thepostitnote.
  4. Anxiety/Depression as an Entrepreneur : Nicole Starbuck of jumpstartpositivity.
  5. Daily Habits to Achieve Happiness: Tammi Solis of girlunfinished.
  6. Emotions with Fibromyalgia: Pamela Jessen of pamelajessen.
  7. Breaking Bad Habits Under Stress: Wasifa Ahmad Hasan of sifascorner.
  8. Alone Time: Wrae Sanders of wraemeredith.
  9. What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day: Cendu Param of cenduparam.
  10. Allergies: Alex Palacios of careisintheair.
  11. Antepartum Depression: Tiffany Thomas of savingtalents.
  12. Managing Busy Mom Life: Mallory Richardson of momofwarhearmyroar.
  13. Meal Prepping : Carolina Edson of thisathleisurelife.
  14. Yoga:  Niomi Lindfors of stellarwellness.
  15. Anxiety for Christian Moms: Leah Veinbergs of two-little-time.
  16. How to Eat Plant-Based: Leah Castle of livingonroots.
  17. Friendship Break-Ups: Jalisa Nichole of Jalisa-Nichole.
  18. Journaling for Anxiety and Depression: Summer K-Hadden of thesunshinesuitcase.
  19. Things You Can Do When You Don’t Want to Workout: Anna Hallai of winedowncommunity.
  20. Vertigo: Jonathan Brewer of myvertigoandme.

If you have an article/post about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health send them to me at honeybunnytwee@gmail.com for a chance to be a guest blogger if you’re a good fit! Read the requirements below.

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  • Articles must be in English.
  • The posts should be at least 300 words.
  • Posts must relate to wellness, health, fitness, mental health, or self-care.
  • You must have your own blog or website.
  • Affiliate links are allowed, but there needs to be proper disclosure.
  • Finally, photos are unnecessary as I will be providing stock photos.

Send me a blog post link or send a word document you’d like published to my email. You can also fill out this contact form.

Upon approval, along with the post or article I will also need:

  • a 1-2 paragraph long “About the Author” written in the third person.
  • the best photograph of yourself that you want featured.
  • links to your social media accounts and website so readers can check out more.
  • In addition, a square logo is preferable, but not required.

Additionally, I’ll be sharing the blog posts on my social media. I enjoy discovering new blogs, sharing information on wellness, and supporting fellow bloggers! Most importantly, I can’t wait to collaborate and work with future guest bloggers!