Wellness Wednesday: 10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work by Yoli McLeod

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If you’ve been trying to find new ways to relax and recharge after a long or stressful day at work instead of parking yourself on the couch watching Netflix, this article has you covered. You work hard, so of course, you deserve to relax and free your mind from the super long or stressful day you just had. Here’s 10 super effective ways to relax after a long and stressful day at work.

10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work

Wellness Wednesday: 10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work by Yoli McLeod

You may think the best way to do that is to hop on the couch and watch Netflix until you’re in dreamland or to mindlessly scroll through your social media accounts for hours at a time. If so, then you’re seriously limiting yourself.

I’m not saying that Netflix is a bad way to relax or decompress. Not at all. I’m a faithful weekend binge-watcher myself. As great as Netflix is, wouldn’t you want some relaxation methods that truly puts you at ease and calms your mind? Methods that make you feel great about yourself, your day and the people around you?  A method that gives you a boost of confidence and real pleasure?There are so much better and more productive ways to spend your free time.

10 Effective ways to Relax after a long day

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Read a book                                      

I’m an avid reader, so for me, there is no better way to relax than to curl up with a good book.  Fantasy, YA novels, and thrillers are my normal reads but for the past couple months, I’ve lately been on a journey of self-improvement and self- evolution and have been reading a lot of personal/self-development books.

“You are a badass” by Jen Shapiro and “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis are not only an amazing read, but also super inspiring! Grab a book from your favorite genre or branch out and try something new. Choose a book with a powerful character, a riveting storyline or a book that inspires you or encourages positivity, and dive in.

Once you start reading the things that interest you, rather than the things everyone says you should, you will start to get lost in whatever you are reading and it becomes a habit that you can’t stop! If you take the chance to use your bedside table for books, a reading lamp, and glasses, it is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Websites like eyeglasses.com have plenty of reading glasses to suit your style so you don’t have to feel like a librarian if you don’t want to!

If you’re not a reader then try out an audiobook. Audible is one company that has tons of audiobooks from every genre to choose from, some of them are even narrated by the author themselves!

Have a mini spa date with yourself

Take some time out to do something nice for yourself. This doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate or expensive. Sometimes lighting a candle or two and getting a nice long soak in a tub is all it takes. If you don’t have a tub here are some other ideas:

  • Give yourself a mini Pedicure or manicure
  • Relaxing face sheet masks

 Treat yo’ self. You work hard, you deserve it

Take in the Scenery

I know it’s tempting to come home, kick your shoes off and sit on the couch and watch TV for the remainder of the evening. For some, that may be the ultimate form of relaxation but for those of us who are really looking for ways to relax and clear our minds. Getting out of the house and getting some fresh air can do wonders. Especially if you sit in an office all day or you spend most of your day sitting.

So much of our time is spent on autopilot. We never stop to really look and admire the world around us. Go for a nice walk- without your phone- and explore your neighborhood. You might be surprised sat what or who you find.

Pick up a new hobby

When I moved to South Korea, people would ask me what my hobbies were all the time as a way to make conversation and get to know me better. Honestly, I was always a little ashamed to admit to them that I don’t have one.

Granted it was not for lack of wanting a hobby. I just never had much time to think about much less do it. I feel like in this day and age, not many people actually have hobbies. And if they do, they don’t have time to spend time doing things they enjoy because we’re so busy trying to figure out life and work and school and all the other craziness that comes along with life.

But having a hobby that you regularly enjoy can be a great way to relieve stress. Think about some of the things you used to enjoy doing before kids, family and general adulting got in the way.What are some things you used to love as a kid or teenager and you can pick back up? Or even look into picking up some new hobbies, like learning a new skill or playing an instrument.

Whatever you decide to do, it should be something that you enjoy, that you can be proud of but doesn’t consume all your time or your thoughts.

Make a fun plan

Yes, I know that it’s the weekday and most people tend to plan their fun for the weekends. But why? Why do we have to limit our fun days to only two days when there are five other days of the week we could be having fun or enjoying ourselves?  

Plan a fun day for mid-week:

  • Meet up with a friend.
  • try out that new fitness studio with the awesome classes.
  • go to the movies.
  • go get your nails done.


It doesn’t matter what adventure you choose, just choose something that makes you excited, happy and feel good about yourself.

Listen to a podcast

If you’re not an avid reader, then podcasts may be just the thing. I got into podcasts about two years ago and have never looked back since. There are so many topics to choose from.

Whether it be entertainment, personal development, audio stories, sports, comedy, history, and the list goes on. Whatever your interest, there is a podcast to meet that need.

Relax with Music

If podcasts aren’t your thing, then just listen to some good old fashioned music. Music has the ability to make us feel happy. Belt out to your favorite songs or relax your mind with soothing sounds. Whatever your mood that day, take an hour to sit in a relaxing or non-distracting spot, plug in your earphones and zone out.


Stressful day at work? Sweat it out. I’m not kidding. Exercise does wonders for the body and the mind. Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good.

After a long stressful day at work, put on your sneakers, play your favorite mood-boosting, heart-pumping playlist and head to the gym. You’ll feel better, stronger, your mind will be clearer and you’ll sleep so much better.

Turn off your phone

Let’s face it, we all are pretty much addicted to our phones. We don’t go anywhere without it and you’re unlikely to find a single person who doesn’t own one.

With the rise in social networking sites and apps being designed to keep us on them all day, you can’t be too surprised when we find ourselves spending as much time on our phones as we probably do at work!

Scrolling on your phone after a long day of work may seem like a relaxing way to unwind but several studies have shown that prolonged social media usage has been linked to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. (1).

When you get home, disconnect from internet reality. Give yourself a mental break and be present with the people and things around you. If you have a work phone, turn that off too, set boundaries and don’t allow your work life to bleed into your personal time.

Turn off your email and social media alerts also. You’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll have to do other things when you don’t have the phone as a distraction. If you must have your phone on and around you, put it on silent mode and only allow calls from people who might need you in an emergency.

Bonus Tip: If you find that you have trouble actually taking time for yourself. Schedule it on your calendar and don’t break it.

Tell everyone you’re unavailable at that time and take care of yourself.  You find time to schedule and make everything else a priority, why not yourself?

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Wellness Wednesday: 10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work by Yoli McLeod

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Wellness Wednesday: 10 Easy Ways to Relax After A Long Day At Work by Yoli McLeod

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  1. Music is my ultimate relaxation tool. It helps me wind down and clear my head much like exercise does. It becomes a combination of music as well as podcasts depending on the mood. I try really hard to turn off my phone at night as well and be present. Great tips

  2. These relaxation ideas are great. I always find that reading is a great way to relax and de-stress. Walking is good too.

  3. I can see how a lot of those ideas would be a great way to relieve stress. Especially exercise! I love to be outside running or biking or just moving! However, I think it would add too much stress if I left my phone. I get what you’re saying but it really feels like my lifeline to everything! My awesome worship music, the Bible app, and all the podcasts I listen to. I don’t think I could follow that tip, lol.

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