Wellness Wednesday: Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing by Wrae Sanders

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Everyone needs “alone time”. This is time to recharge your batteries, appreciate the quiet and not have people in your face asking for things. I like this time. Honestly, I used to absolutely hate quiet time because I didn’t like to be alone with my thoughts. These days, I appreciate it a lot more. I can relax, color and read in peace, among other things.

Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing

Wellness Wednesday: Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing by Wrae Sanders
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shhh Ferris Bueller

Besides the quiet and lack of demands from others, there are other benefits. Being alone can be relaxing, allow for time to reflect on your current situation in life and maybe even focus on hobbies and get things done. You can also do what you want, not just what someone else wants to do or have to come to some sort of compromise.

Not everyone is happy with the idea of alone time. Many extroverts are not into the idea, because they thrive on being around others. I hang out with a lot of extroverts. It is important, even if this is you because everyone needs to be alone sometimes, just to get away from the noise. It’s okay to need time to yourself.

Some ideas to ease yourself into alone time are:

  • taking short walks
  • cooking
  • trying a new workout class- without taking a friend
  • sign up for volunteer work
  • go to a bookstore/window-shop
zen prayer hands relaxed girl Wellness Wednesday: Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing by Wrae Sanders

For those of us who have had some practice with being by ourselves and actually liking it, here are some advanced ideas:

  • Go to a yoga class. I go to a class every Sunday. It’s recovery-based and I love it. I was very nervous about it at first, but my anxiety has lessened a lot. I sat next to someone last week and she actually thanked me for sitting with her. Wow.
  • Have a solo picnic.
  • People watch- at a coffee shop, in a park, wherever you feel comfortable.
  • Go to a movie by yourself.
  • Try an evening class.

If you want to go for the extreme:

  • Take a road trip.
  • Go to a concert alone.
  • Go hiking.
  • Start a home renovation project.
  • Go to a meditation or yoga retreat.
travel is good for the soul Wellness Wednesday: Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing by Wrae Sanders

Have I tried any of these ideas? Sure. Not all of them. I’m a work in progress, so some of these are definitely on my to-do list. I’ve always liked to people watch, but it’s always been more fun to do it with someone else. I would like to try that one soon. I live near a large park so there are always people to watch.


It may be hard to squeeze in the time for yourself, but it is necessary. It may mean walking to the bus stop on a sunny day to get your kids, but you’ll have those 10 minutes of a good walk. Walking is exercise and a way to clear your mind a bit. It’s a two-for-one deal. A whole day isn’t possible for everyone, so don’t feel guilty for the time you can’t give to yourself.

When you’ve had time to yourself, you feel refreshed. You feel ready to face the next challenge ahead. Who doesn’t want to feel like that? It’s a nice feeling. If you’ve had your nails, hair or toes done, you look better. That’s also a great boost.

This isn’t meant to encourage living a life of solitude unless you really want to, but to encourage time to yourself so that you can breathe. You can get to know yourself a bit better. What do you like doing? How do you want to spend your time?

Do you have ideas to add for alone time? Leave them in the comments!

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About the Author:

Wrae is a parenting/mental health blogger in Louisville, KY. She has a BA
in Clinical Psychology and a decade in mental health work experience.
Wrae has worked with bloggers such as Brynn of “The Mama on the
Rocks”, the sisters behind Life Is Worth Living” and has been published on
Mental Health Talk.

When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, true crime podcasts, and
movies. She is married and has three children.

You may find her here at www.wraemeredithblogs.wordpress.com or
Email her at [email protected]

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30 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing by Wrae Sanders

  1. it is true – you do enjoy your life more when you are mindful! Very nice post and fantastic person featured. thanks!

  2. I completely agree with you. I am a great believer in me time. And do frequently take off for some solo trips. It is equally enjoyable in it’s own way and helps to look back and plan the future.

  3. My alone/quiet time is few and far between these days, but I have to get back on track soon, because it feels like the world is closing in on me. I’m a huge supporter and beneficiary of alone time as part of mental and spiritual well being. Thanks for the reminder to take care of ourselves.

  4. alone time is so fantastic!! I work from home so I get that a lot – well, with dogs – but it’s definitely helpful for my writing and working!

  5. I love time alone (I’m enjoying it right now, haha!). My sister-in-law takes it to another level though and goes off for five day hikes (as you suggested). I think this is an incredible thing and I wish I could be more like her 💚

  6. I miss alone time lol! there hasn’t been much of that since having a baby. it really makes me appreciate the quiet moments for self reflection when I do get them

  7. Couldn’t agree with all the points that you have mentioned here! Me time is so important for everyone to keep themselves together!

  8. Me Time or Alone Time is very important for our body, mind, and soul. It’s a lifesaver and a great way to kick back and recharge our batteries.

  9. I love time for myself too, even at work! I actually have a different schedule than most of my co-workers and arrive an hour and a half early (and also leave early) just so I can have that alone time in the mornings to be able to focus on work. That time allows for self-reflection, focus and prayer.

  10. I live in an apartment without anyone else (and I am single), so I spend my weekends mostly by myself as I need to recharge from teaching kids.

  11. I sure wish my husband understood this! I’m home with the kids all day and at night he wants all my attention. Sometimes I just need time to myself to organize, read, take a long bath.

  12. I completely agree that everyone needs some alone time to do something they like and enjoy, even it is is just 15 mins we all need a break

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