Wellness Wednesday: What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day by Cendu Param

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It’s almost that time again. Yes, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and you might be wondering what the perfect way to celebrate the woman in your life would be. We should be appreciating our moms every day of the year but we just get used to everything our moms do for us that we forget to appreciate and thank them for all their efforts day in and day out. That’s why it’s nice that there’s a day dedicated to our super women.

You might be thinking about splurging on all kinds of awesome stuff (and go ahead and do that too because why not) but I’m here to spill the tea. Here’s my confessions of life as a new mom and what I really want this Mother’s Day. I’m sure all or most over-worked and over-tired mums everywhere can relate.  Here’s my list of 10 things to make this Mother’s Day perfect.

What Mother’s Really Want For Mother’s Day?

What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

1. Don’t Wake Me Til Noon

So, yes, they did warn me that I wouldn’t be sleeping much with a newborn, but they didn’t tell me I wouldn’t sleep again, period. I haven’t had a day to just sleep in til noon and have nothing else to worry about since my little bug was born. I miss this simple pleasure sooo much. There’s nothing quite like a good sleep to help you reset. It seems so indulgent and decadent right now lol. So treat mom to a day of undisturbed, uninterrupted sleep. Get her a sleep mask and ear plugs if you must. 

2. Feed Me (ALL DAY)

I would love a day where I don’t have to think about cooking or feeding anyone. If you can cook, surprise mum with a lovely breakfast-in-bed featuring all her favourties. If you can’t cook, either order something in or take her out to brunch. It’s so nice to start your morning in bed though, so even if you can’t cook, why not bring mom a nice cup of tea or coffee in bed? Make her feel taken care of for a change. 

This should be a sacred day of feeding. There should be no cooking for mom for any meals today. Breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner and everything in-between should be taken care of for mom and the kids. So either order in or take out or cook but it shouldn’t be mom’s problem today. 

3. Give Me Uninterrupted Me-Time

By this, I don’t just mean 5 minutes where I can pee in peace without little fingers reaching through the crack at the bottom of the door (although this is a nice touch). Give mom a little peace and quiet without the kids to just do whatever it is she loves to do but has no time for anymore. Maybe just an hour where she can kick up her feet with her favourite book, go take a walk, catch up on her favourite TV show or literally just sit and do nothing. It’s been so long since I’ve just done nothing. 

4. Pamper Me

I think one of the first things to go when you become a new mom is self-care. Especially in the first year, there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn, I was lucky if I could get a shower in. These days things have gotten better with my little guy being a bit older, but it’s still not what it used to be. Your mom has probably neglected herself as well.

Treat her to some pampering and TLC either at home or with a spa day. If you’re on a tight budget you could give mom an at-home mani-pedi with her favourtie nail polish and grab an awesome face mask and offer a nice massage. Voila! If you can go all out, book a nice spa day for mom (mani-pedi,facial, massage etc) and if possible, make it even more memorable, try to co-ordinate the spa-day with her besties so they can all have a little me-time together.

 5. Give Me All The Love

What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

Just because I want a little me-time, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you there. I still want all the bear hugs, wrestling moves, face-smash kisses, home-made cards and everything in-between today and all days. Make sure to give me loads extra today though, I can’t get enough. Make sure you shower your mom with affection in all forms. Give her a hug or a kiss. Write her a letter. Make her a card. Tell her all the ways she makes your life better by being in it. Make her a list of all the things you love about her. Make her a playlist, sing her a song, anything really. Just show her how much you love her today and every day.

6. A Full Day Off From Adulting

Adulting is hard! Add taking care of a tiny human and sometimes you can feel like you’re in way over your head with all the responsibilities. Give mom a hall pass today, no mom duties or adulting of any kind. So make sure somebody else is taking care of the cleaning, laundry, child care etc. It’s supposed to be mom’s day off so I would love more than 5 minutes where I have to hide in the bathroom and stuff my face with skittles just to have some relaxation. 

In all likelihood, your special lady’s car has probably just become a trash can on wheels with all the kiddie commuting that requires snacks in the car. If they’re anything like my toddler, they think crushing cookies and sprinkling them in the car is like spreading fairy dust. What’s that there? Oh maybe spit up, vomit or the apple juice spill that’s attracting critters.  

Why not either take mom’s car to get detailed or go the DIY route and give it a thorough cleaning inside and out. She’ll definitely appreciate the new car smell. 

8. Any Excuse for a Photo OP

What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

One thing I really wanted was to capture every little moment of my little bugs growth and I think I’ve been pretty good about that. I think we’ve got a little over 5o00 photos from his first year alone, insane. But when I was going through those photos, what I noticed was there was only a few (maybe 20-30) of the both of us together or all of us as a family. I always make it a point to document dada and son moments but boys aren’t always waiting with a camera in hand to catch those mommy-son moments. The majority that I do have are selfies and those are getting harder and harder now that he walks (more like runs) and can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. 

This would be the perfect time for a family portrait session or even just asking friends or family to help you take a few family pictures together that you can look back on. 

9. Give Me The Remote Control For The Whole Day

At our house, it’s either Little Baby Bum or whatever boy thing my husband is watching. It’s been a while since I could just sit back, relax, binge and catch up with whatever the Kardashians are getting into these days (admit it, it’s probably your trash tv guilty pleasure too). I don’t even remember what season we left off on or which new baby was being added. I’d love one full day where I get to watch whatever I want without having to hand over the remote because somebody’s bored. I get it, mom shows are probably boring to you but it’s one day, we do it all the time. 

10. No Whine But Maybe Some Wine

Let’s have one blissful day of no whining or fighting or arguments to break up. Let’s just pretend we’re all one big happy family and get along today. If you insist on wining, make sure it comes in a beautiful bottle and accopanies a delicious cheese platter. That’s the only kinda wine were gonna be in the mood for today. So pick up mom a bottle of her favourite bubbly or wine and celebrate together. Final Thoughts: Just Shower Your Mama With Love

Our mamas take care of us and love us everyday without asking for anything in return because it really is a labour of love. I’ve only come to realize and appreciate how much my mom did for me after having a little monster of my own. Take this day to show mum how much you love her and how much she means to you. Honor your queen every single day!  Happy Mother’s Day Mama’s! You are amazing!

What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

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What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

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16 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day by Cendu Param

  1. Mothers Day has always been a day for my wife to take a breather. She runs herself ragged on a daily basis so we always try to make sure she has some time for herself on this day. Unfortunately every so often Mothers Day is on my birthday so it’s a bonus and we both get to rest. Great tips to take care of Mom this Mother’s Day!

  2. You’ve spot on hit what mothers want! As a mom to two older children, I would still love all of these things. Some extra snuggles and no sibling quarreling would be good too!

  3. Yes to all of those ideas! Although I’m not so sure with a 30 year old daughter I need them quite as much as I did when she was young!

  4. I wish all mothers on the special day of mothers day have a day like this! 🙂 I think going to a spa will also help to rewind. 🙂

  5. I agree! To have these all in one day would provide the ultimate relaxation! Here’s to a relaxing Mother’s Day!

  6. All of these things sound like the perfect Mother’s Day! I’d rather have everything you listed in this post instead of gifts or cards. They fall under the heading of taking care of mom and not just giving in to the commercialization of the holiday. That’s my favorite part!

  7. oh you can say that again! When I was a teenager I spurge most of money pocket, saved and earned money ccompletely forgetting about mother’s day. I still wanted to do something for my mom so I decided to make that day her day. I didn’t wake her up, cooked her favorite meals, cleaned her car, told her she is in full control of her desires, we did whatever she felt up to. She still remembers this day as one of the best.

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