Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain by Ashley Stephan

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Healing Your Emotional Pain

Emotional distress is felt in many different ways. We feel it as addictions, anxiety, sadness, unwanted compulsions, physical ailments, angry mood, boredom and more. Emotional pain can appear out of the blue. It is really important that we take active steps to overcome it or it can easily eat us up from the inside out.

Below you will find 5 really effective things that you can do in order to heal your emotional pain. Try them and do not forget about the help that therapy can offer.

Always Be Yourself

This practically means that you need to ask for the things you want, you need to have your very own opinions and beliefs and you always have to set boundaries. We all need values in order to feel good and we absolutely need to make sure that our limits are respected.

Do not think about what others want from you or what society dictates you do. The best thing you can do is eat what you want, wear what you want, say what you want and focus on being true. Especially being true with you.

Take Active Steps To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can easily ruin our entire equilibrium. It takes over your entire mood and makes the simplest of tasks very complicated. Stress management should always be a priority for you when you feel emotional pain since stress will always make things worse.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can try to reduce stress and anxiety. You can try journaling as it helps with stress management and can learn cognitive techniques, breathing techniques and numerous other relaxation techniques.

Invent Yourself

Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain by Ashley Stephan
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

Every single individual has attributes, proclivities and capacities. He/she is molded based on an environment. When emotional pain is felt, a great thing to do is to take a decision to become the person that you want to be, someone that will experience much less emotional distress. Try to become calmer and less critical. It is vital that you are less egoistic and more productive. Focus on what you want to change in your life and actually do it.

Control Your Mind

Our thoughts cause emotional pain and distress. It is really important to focus on the thoughts that are not helpful for us. You need to fight and you have to demand that those thoughts go away. The goal is to replace bad thoughts with really useful thoughts. The only person that can get a grip on one’s mind is the individual. You are the only one that can change your thoughts.

Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain by Ashley Stephan

Let Go Of The Past

Last but not least, it is really important to let go of the past. Emotional pain so often comes from simply dwelling in the past. When we get lost our past creates sadness, anger, feelings of defeat, and nightmares.

The good news is that you can always let go of the past. You can look towards the future and always try to be the best person you can be.

Authors Bio:

Ashley Stephan

Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain by Ashley Stephan

My daytime job is working as a graphic designer in a stealth FinTech startup. I spend my evenings learning about productivity and design thinking. From time to time I write about these very concepts to share what I’ve learned. My hobbies include swimming, gardening, and binge-watching popular TV shows.

Website: https://ashleystephan.wordpress.com/

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How do you Deal with Emotional Pain? Comment with your tips and Advice!

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12 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Top 5 Tips On Healing Your Emotional Pain by Ashley Stephan

  1. Anxiety and stress are really silent killers and too many people suffer from both. It’s important to find a way to relax on a regular basis. And forget the past. The Past is just that, past…

  2. I find that I fight anxiety and stress with writing. It has always been an outlet for me and it seems to work. I agree that self care is important as well and as you mentioned, being true to oneself. Stress can so easily build up on a person when we are constantly trying to suppress our true emotions. Thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts on this!

  3. Excellent tips! Letting go of the past is so important to heal emotional pain. We cannot change the past anyway so the best we can do is to learn from it if there is anything to be learn and then let it go.

  4. Mental health is very important for each and everyone of us. we do all happen to find ourselves not in the best of places. this post is helpful and can be helpful for anyone of us

  5. Mental health is a really important and overlooked matter, I’m happy to see people raising awareness and creating content to help relieve the pain of those who suffer from any metal illnesses. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pain can tear you apart if you give it a chance. I find it hard to be around people when in pain or feeling emotional so I prefer to go out and do something that I love like walking and listening to my lovely playlist. I need to learn to let go of the past.

  7. I am feeling really down and “depressed” these past few weeks. so, I truly appreciate this post. Thank you fros sharing these tips. Healing is not really easy and I mostly just go around circles. For now, what I am trying to do is learning how to let go of the past.

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