6 Environmentally-Friendly Tips and Products To Be More Green: Earth Day 2019

Earlier this week was Earth Day 2019! Who says saving the planet can’t be stylish?💕 Here are 6 environmentally-friendly tips and sustainable products I actually use! Please note: I’m not perfect and I’m not 100% as green as I could be, but I always make an effort to conserve and be as conscientious as possible #ThereIsNoPlanetB

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing” by Wrae Sanders

Everyone needs “alone time”. This is time to recharge your batteries, appreciate the quiet and not have people in your face asking for things. I like this time. Honestly, I used to absolutely hate quiet time because I didn’t like to be alone with my thoughts. These days, I appreciate it a lot more. I can relax, color and read in peace, among other things.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday 10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress By Wasifa Ahmad Hasan / Rosemary Lombardy

It will be almost impossible to find someone without stress. It affects our everyday lives and creates a huge impact on our daily habits. It’s very common to develop negative habits as a way to cope with daily stress and disappointments. Some drown their sorrows in food or alcohol, others numb themselves in front of the television or complain endlessly to friends without making any effort to change their situation.

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Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers Archive

This is a complete list of the Honeybunnytwee blog’s Wellness Wednesday guest bloggers. This article will be updated with future guest posts. Also, I’m always looking for more #WellnessWednesday submissions.

If you have an article, link, or post about health and wellness, self-care, fitness, or mental health send them to me at honeybunnytwee@gmail.com for a chance to be featured if you’re a good fit! See the requirements below.

Previous Wellness Wednesday Guest Bloggers’ Topics

Here are past topics. However, I’m willing to do topics again if you can offer a new or unique perspective on it.

  1. Self-Care
    Brad Krause of selfcaring.info
  2. Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder
    Sophia Garner of cuppateawithsoph.com
  3. Coping with a Loved One’s Suicide
    Jasmine Wyrick of thepostitnote.com
  4. Anxiety and Depression as an Entrepreneur
    Nicole Starbuck of jumpstartpositivity.com
  5. Daily Habits to Achieve Happiness
    Tammi Solis of girlunfinished.com
  6. Emotions with Fibromyalgia
    Pamela Jessen of pamelajessen.com
  7. Breaking Bad Habits Under Stress
    Wasifa Ahmad Hasan of sifascorner.com
  8. Alone Time is a Wonderful Thing
    Wrae Sanders of wraemeredith.wordpress.com
  9. What Mother’s Really Want for Mother’s Day
    Cendu Param of cenduparam.com
  10. Damn, Allergies
    Alex Palacios of careisintheair.com
  11. What I Wish I’d Known About Antepartum Depression
    Tiffany Thomas of savingtalents.com
  12. Managing Busy Mom Life
    Mallory Richardson of momofwarhearmyroar.com
  13. Meal Prepping for Beginners
    Carolina Edson of thisathleisurelife.com
  14. Yoga
  15. Anxiety for Christian Moms
  16. How to start a plant based lifestyle
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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Five Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia” by Pamela Jessen

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday "Five Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia" by Pamela Jessen

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a painful condition that results in widespread muscular pain throughout the entire body. It can be felt in many ways, such as a deep ache, a numb and/or tingly sensation, or like your body is on fire. It affects women far more often than men and can be truly debilitating.

In addition to the physical symptoms a person experiences, there are a lot of emotions you may experience as well. Here is a list of the top five Emotions you may find yourself facing when you receive a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or if you have been living with Fibro for quite some time.

Emotions You May Experience With Fibromyalgia

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Calling All Crafters: You Need These Things In 2019

Hands Working on a Craft Annie Spratt Unsplash Crafting

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

April 5, 2019

From vision boards and wedding stationery to birthday cards and Christmas decorations, there is always something that needs crafting. It is always a good idea to have a dedicated space set up to hold all your crafts – make sure you have plenty of space because we guarantee it won’t be long until the drawers are overspilling with lengths of beautiful ribbon, sparkling sequins and all the washi tape that you could ever dream of.

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or new to the hobby, we are sure you know the essentials that you need to make quirky and unique creations, so here, we are looking at some of the things that you might not have thought of.

crafting supplies washi tape

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

A Laminator

The power of a laminator should never be underestimated. It is an incredibly useful piece of equipment in general – you can laminate kids certificates and drawings to keep forever, schedules and various other household uses, but when it comes to crafts, a laminator really comes into its own.

You can laminate handmade bookmarks or homemade organisers, and if you print off templates and patterns, you can encase them in plastic and use them time and time again – saving your resources, time and money.

A Vinyl Cutting Machine

vinyl cutting machine

Vinyl is a really versatile material when it comes to crafting, but it is not the easiest to cut by hand, especially if the design is intricate.

A vinyl cutting machine, such as the ones recommended by www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com will make life an awful lot easier for you and free up lots of time to do the more exciting bits.

A Glue Gun

hot glue gun
Photo by Pixabay

For many creations, white glue or a glue stick just is not going to cut it when it comes to binding things together, and this is where a glue gun is incredibly useful.

You simply plug it in, pop the stick of glue in and wait for it to melt. There are newer ones on the market that do not get quite as hot, so if you want to use them with kids, they may be worth looking out for.

A Heat Resistant Mat

Photo by Factory Direct Craft

If you do use a hot glue gun as we mentioned above, or other tools that involve heat, such as a fusing tool or an embossing tool, you will always need somewhere safe to put it down.

Don’t risk damaging your work surface, or worse, causing a fire hazard, and use a heat resistant mat. They are usually inexpensive to buy and should be one of your crafting essentials.



Photo by Pixabay

Finally, a good pair of pointed tweezers will be invaluable. These are a really cheap addition to your stock of equipment, but one that you will use time and time again, regardless of what craft you are doing.

From picking it up and placing tiny embellishments such as sequins and gems, to unpicking threads – you will soon find that you are lost without them!

What are your must-have additions to your crafting stash?

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Five Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Happiness” by Tammi Solis

Five Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Happiness

April 3, 2019

Happiness is something we are all looking for.

Everyone wants to be happy, yet happiness can sometimes be hard to find. In my long search for happiness, I’ve come to learn that happiness is a choice that we get to make every day. Some may not agree with me but finding happiness truly is a choice because, on a spiritual level, happiness is always available to us.

But in order to make that choice…to choose happiness above all else, it takes a lot of consistent daily work. Work that will change your mindset, remove your limiting beliefs, bring you more peace, and lead you to a more positive and happy life.

Some of us choose not to do the work because we don’t know we have that option. Some of us choose to not do the work because it’s easier to stay in the pain. But because you, my friend, have found yourself on this blog post, you are not one of those people.

You are ready to find your happiness. You are ready to work towards it every day because you know it’s possible and I’m ready to share all my happiness tips with you. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been on my own journey to find happiness for a really long time. And I feel like I know a thing or two about this whole happiness thing. Let’s get started.


How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

We’ve already established that 1. Happiness is always available to us and 2. It takes daily consistent work to get there. So next I am going to share with you some of the life-changing daily habits I personally have adapted into my life to maintain my positivity and increase my happiness.

Remember that finding happiness is different for everyone and what has worked for me may not work for you. But as you begin your journey toward finding happiness from within, you should remain open to trying different things until you find what works for you.

Be sure that whatever habits you choose you will be able to implement them consistently. Otherwise, they won’t become habits and they definitely won’t make a lasting life change for you.

After a few days or weeks of implementing these daily habits for happiness, you may find a big improvement in how you are feeling. Symptoms may include: radiant positivity, inspiring confidence, comforting peace, and joyful happiness (just a name a few.)

The Daily Habits

Daily Habits for Happiness / How to Find Happiness Within Yourself


5 Daily Habits for Happiness / How to find your happy place

There’s been a big misconception that meditation is only for spiritual people likes monks and yoga fanatics. But meditation is for anyone and everyone who is willing to give it a try.

Your brain is consumed with racing thoughts all day long. Some thoughts are positive, but most thoughts are negative. If your mind is constantly filled with negative thoughts, your reality will reflect that. But a mind filled with loving and positive thoughts will bring the same in return.

If you want to change your thoughts from negative to positive, YOU SHOULD REALLY GET YOUR MEDITATION ON.

Daily happiness habits / How to find daily happiness

Meditation will teach you to quiet your mind and separate yourself from those negative thoughts that keep you from having more happiness in your life. Although meditation isn’t the easiest thing to do, with time and practice it gets much easier.

As you grow in your meditation practice, you will learn to witness your thoughts as they arise and then quickly release them before they can affect your day. Now doesn’t that sound nice? 

Making meditation a daily habit for happiness can literally change your whole life. Not only will it increase your happiness but some of the other meditation benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased focus
  • Decreased anxiety

Positive Affirmations

Another easy way to increase your daily happiness is to use positive affirmations on the daily!

What are affirmations you say? It’s simple. Positive Affirmations are just words you tell yourself, on repeat, about the way you would like to be.

How to increase your happiness / Finding daily happiness

“I AM” phrases or mantras such as, “I am loved” and “I am happy” are simple words you can say to yourself on a daily basis. As you recite these affirmations daily, they begin to sink into your subconscious brain rewiring your old limiting beliefs and thoughts. Then these affirmations slowly become your new truth.

I know that sounds crazy buts it’s real, it works, and it’s completely magical. Never underestimate the power of positive affirmations!

A few easy ways to make a habit out of positive affirmations:

  • Recite them while driving using Youtube videos to guide you. Another idea is to recite them while you shower. Weird but it works, trust me!


5 practices that will keep you in a positive state of mind / how to stay positive and stick to it

Journaling is a great way to increase your happiness, as it can be very therapeutic to get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper. It can also help you relate differently to your not so good thoughts and feelings and thus take away their power over you.

There are many different ways to practice journaling. From prayer journaling to gratitude journaling to good old fashion journaling, the method you choose is up to you.

This journal is a cute place to start.

But if you’re feeling spicy you should totally go with this one! #ZenAF

Find what works best for you and make journaling a part of your daily habits for happiness routine. You can learn more about the different types of journaling HERE.

5 minute manifesting

This daily habit is a sure fire way to amp up your positive vibrations and improve your happiness. Manifesting is a process used to call anything you could dream of into your life. It is done so using the law of attraction.

The idea is that when you focus on something that you desire, you activate a vibration toward it, and then like a magnet, it starts to make its way to you. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Using this concept, it would be very beneficial for you to take 5 minutes out of your day, every day, and think about what it is that you desire.

There is a process to this and it involves more than just thinking about what you want. You gotta lean into the feeling as though you already have it. You can do this by tuning into the happiness that your desire would bring you.

So basically just sit down and DREAM BIG! Those big dreams will bring you many happy thoughts and you will be attracting those dreams right to you at the same time!

Self Development

How to be happy / Finding happiness within

Don’t try to go at this alone, my dear. Listen to the experts and teachers that have gone before you. You can learn from the best and grow as a person by listening to podcasts, reading books or blogs, watching youtube videos, or any other way you can expand your knowledge and improve your mindset.

Some life-changing books I recommend for you are:

You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

I credit this book for the start of my finding happiness journey. It changed my life and I’ve read it four times!

Spirit Junkie By Gabby Bernstein

This one made me realize that I was the source of a lot of my own problems and got me on the path to healing.

Judgment Detox also by Gabby Bernstein

This one helped me process a lot of my childhood anger and showed me that my judgments were a reflection of my own insecurities.

Ask And It Is Given By Esther and Jerry Hicks

This one taught me how to follow my bliss and manifest anything I want in my life using the law of attraction.

Implementing and Accountability

If you truly want to know how to find happiness within yourself, you have to implement some accountability. Without the accountability factor, you will most likely plan to begin these habits for daily happiness and you might even stick to it for a few days.

But most likely, you will end up quitting your daily happiness routine and fall back into a negative mindset. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

How to find daily happiness / How to be happy everyday

Making a lasting change takes practice and a routine that you do over and over until it becomes a habit. Then and only then will you see results. To help you along the way, I created a calendar & checklist that will help you track your daily habits and keep you accountable.

Print it out every month and post it where you’ll see it every day. As you go thru the month, check off each practice as you complete it. At the end of the month, take note of your newfound happiness and celebrate your progress!

Check out Girl Unfinished’s Spiritual Practice Calendar & Checklist on her website HERE

About the Author:

Tammi Solis is a self care and spiritual lifestyle blogger and influencer. She’s is the creator of Girl Unfinished, an online community that teaches women how to navigate their unfinished life thru spiritual principles, mindset work, and self care practices.

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Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “Dealing with Anxiety and Depression as an Entrepreneur” by Nicole Starbuck

March 27, 2019

If you’re a blogger, business owner, or some combination of the two, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pressures of increasing workloads and imminent deadlines.

But how does one handle these day-to-day stresses in the face of mental health issues like anxiety or depression? Or, as can often be the case, what should one do if work is the cause of anxiety and depression?

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SomeBUNNY’s a TOO FACED Affiliate!

March 25, 2019

SomeBUNNY’s an affiliate! Honeybunnytwee is an affiliate for my favorite makeup brand, Too Faced Cosmetics ! Obviously, this is a big deal for me because Too Faced is the first makeup brand I ever bought by myself. They launched my makeup obsession and will always have a special place in my heart!


Initially, my first makeup purchase was Mood Swing, a mood changing lip gloss. It went on clear, but turned magenta.

mood swing too faced instagram

This is the perfect metaphor for my relationship with makeup. I started off with no identity and very unsure of myself and now I’m not afraid to show my true colors!

TOO FACED Affiliate Link

So you may be wondering, what does the Honeybunnytwee Blog being a Too Faced Affiliate mean? Simply put, if you make a purchase with toofaced.evyy.net/honeybunnytwee I get a small commission from that sale at no additional cost to you. This is a wonderful opportunity with a brand I have been raving about for years! Additionally, affiliates get other perks and exclusives promotions to share.


Too Faced is my favorite cruelty-free brand! Makeup being cruelty-free is a real selling point for me. Look good and do good. I passionately support and love their creative new collections. For example, their Tutti Frutti collection features cute pineapples and berries which I adore. I love their chocolate-infused products that smell good enough to eat! They keep beauty fun, fresh, and bunny-free!

Inspired by a love of Paris, unabashed girliness and the transformative power of cosmetics, they created Too Faced, a boutique brand with big dreams. Today, Too Faced has grown into a leader within the beauty industry, creating innovative cruelty-free cosmetics that women love to wear.

(From the Too Faced “Our Story” page)


Long story short, I love Too Faced and I am excited for our collaboration!

*Disclosure: Please keep in mind that blogging and social media are my side hustle aside from my three other part-time jobs therefore, whenever you use an affiliate link, promo code, or sign up you support me directly at no additional cost to you. Thank you, I really appreciate it! –XOXO Thuy

Guest Blogger Spotlight #WellnessWednesday “10 Ways To Cope When A Loved One Commits Suicide” by Jasmine Wyrick

suicide sunlight coping

Today I want to get serious about a subject that is incredibly personal and has impacted and changed my life completely. I want to talk about suicide and how to cope after someone who you care for takes their life.

How do you navigate through that gut punch that leaves a hole in your core? How can you support yourself and also those around you? Suicide affects us all and doesn’t care about your skin color, how much money you have, or how good of a childhood that you had. It is unbiased about who it affects and does care about the unanswered questions that it leaves behind.

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